Joe DeBonis ‘10 FREN-JoeDeBonis
F09-S10 D-plan:  R-R-R
French Studies (major), Economics (minor)

Favorite and least favorite things about your department:

The French and Italian Department includes a faculty with diverse research interests and specialties, all of whom are engaging and incredibly friendly. The study abroad programs offered by the department are some of the best at Dartmouth and are structured to encourage the completion of two programs back-to-back (i.e. LSA+ in Toulouse followed by the FSP in Paris), which is a great option to take advantage of. With a rotating major advisor position, however, advising continuity (as a major or minor) can be a bit sporadic.

Important info for potential majors:

Take the time to explore the French Studies/Italian Studies major, a flexible interdisciplinary option that allows for courses across several departments. Definitely look into fulfilling a minor or major after studying abroad, because you often only need 2 or 3 more courses.

Talk to me if:

Talk to me if you’re interested in pursuing the French Studies major, doing research with a professor in the department, or contemplating doing the French LSA+ and FSP back-to-back.

Most valuable academic info learned:

Getting to know professors outside the classroom and learning about their research interests, hobbies, educational background, etc. is one of the best things I’ve done as an undergrad at Dartmouth, especially within the French and Italian Department.

Favorite class and professor:

Every class on the Paris FSP—Art History with Pierre Leglise-Costa, French Culture with Mathilde Sitbon, French History with Laurent Douzou, and Literature with Faith Beasley (Dartmouth prof)—was incredibly interesting, engaging, and fun.

Major classes taken:

FREN 10, 12, 21, 25, 29, 30, 78; ARTH 59; FILM 22; HIST 51

Major journey:

I came to Dartmouth interested in languages but determined to follow an interdisciplinary track. After spending two terms in France and discovering the flexibility of the French Studies major, I decided on French Studies and never looked back.

Major-specific activities:

Office assistant, French & Italian Department; Freedman Presidential Scholar Research Assistant to Lynn Higgins, Dept. Chair

Thesis status:

No thesis plans at the moment.

Other activities:

President, Casque & Gauntlet; Directorate Member, Dartmouth Film Society; Tour Guide, Admissions Office; House Manager, the Hopkins Center; Tucker Fellow in Arusha, Tanzania; Member, Sigma Phi Epsilon; MAV (Mentors Against Violence); Arts Staff Writer, The Dartmouth

Off-campus program:

French LSA+ in Toulouse, 08W; French FSP in Paris, 08S

Internship experience:

CPM Advisors, Business and Advertising Intern, San Francisco, 09X (upcoming)