Academic Resources

Here, in no particular order, are some additional academic advising resources on campus. If you feel your group should be added here, please contact us.

The Registrar
105 McNutt

  • Students may come to the registrar’s office with questions regarding filing majors, minors, NROs, requesting transcripts, or seeking approval for transfer courses and programs.
  • Call (603) 646-2246 for the Main Office; 646-3030 for Course Records, 646-3572 for Enrollment Patterns, 646-3029 for Transfer Credit

First Year Office
Parkhurst Hall, Room 6 (basement)

  • The First-Year Office is responsible for the orientation and adjustment of first-year students to the Dartmouth College environment. First-year deans meet with students for academic advising as well as social and personal concerns.
  • CALL (603) 646-2681 or blitz

Upperclass Deans Office
111 Parkhurst

  • Provide guidance for students in the sophomore, junior and senior classes
  • Support students in their engagement with the curriculum and in their overall educational experience at Dartmouth.
  • Blitz or call 603-646-2243 for an appt. with any dean
  • During F, W, and S, open M-F 8AM-4:30 PM. During X, open M-F 8AM-4PM. Closed daily for lunch from noon to 1:00 p.m.

Website for Academic and Major Planning

SA Course Review

  • Created by Student Assembly to allow students to review and look up classes and professors to assist in making class choices

Office of Pre-Major Advising
110 Wentworth Hall

  • Facilitate productive advising relationship between faculty and students in their first and second years who have not yet declared a major.
  • Provide students and faculty with valuable resources concerning courses, major requirements, and D-plan preparation, as well as links to other helpful sites.
  • Contact Jill Savage, Administrative Assistant for Pre-Major Advising at Jill.P.Savage@Dartmouth.EDU or call (603)-646-1632

Nathan Smith Society

  • The Nathan Smith Society is a Dartmouth student organization that serves all students interested in the health professions. Currently, more than 900 Dartmouth undergraduates are on our mailing list, making it one of the largest student organizations at Dartmouth. As there is no “pre-health” major at Dartmouth, NSS serves as the central organizing locus for all extracurricular activities related to health and for advice concerning the Dartmouth curriclum.
  • Students with interest in veterinary medicine, dental medicine, public health and other careers in the health professions can all benefit from NSS. Shadowing programs for pre-vet students and pre-dental students are offered and activities for these groups planned through NSS. Dr. Robert Keene serves as the faculty advisor for the pre-dental students.
  • Blitz messages, a Blitz bulletin board and their Web site linked above are all good sources of information. For any general questions, blitz either Dr. Witters or ‘nss’

Deans Office Students Consultants
111 Parkhurst

  • DOSCs offer academic advising through the Deans office. They are prepared to answer questions regarding major courses and curriculum requirements, D-plan strategies, internship and research opportunities, off-campus programs, time management skills, reading comprehension and study strategies.
  • Blitz “DOSC” for a schedule of office hours; Call 646-2243 to schedule an appointment.

Advisor to Asian and Asian American Students
Collis Student Center, Room 211

  • Committed to further strengthening the living and learning environment for all undergraduate Dartmouth students through celebrating and exploring the wide range of Asian and Asian American racial and cultural issues.
  • The Advisor provides personal guidance, academic advising, and leadership development to students of Asian descent so they can continue to excel in and outside of the classroom.
  • In addition to acting as a centralized resource on Asian or Asian American topics, the Advisor is passionate toward building a Dartmouth community that is respectful, inclusive, united, supportive, and open-minded. As part of the Office of Pluralism and Leadership (OPAL), the Advisor is dedicated to helping all students become more culturally versatile and develop moral and ethical leadership skills at Dartmouth College.
  • Blitz: or call (603) 646–0123

Office of Black Student Advising
Collis Student Center; Room 211 F

  • Deal with social adjustment concerns, academic/classroom issues, bias related incidents, personal issues, financial aid concerns, new program ideas, and program funding.
  • Blitz to make an appointment with an advisor.

Advisor to Latino/a Students
Assistant Dean of Student Life
Collis Student Center, Room 221 E
Office of Pluralism and Leadership (OPAL)

  • Alex Baron Hernandez-Siegel, A&S ‘99.
  • Works with all undergraduates at Dartmouth in addressing College life concerns and student leadership/development opportunities with the other advisors and directors in OPAL.
  • Appointed advisor to Latino students to assist with personal counseling, academic advising, mentoring, programming, and advocacy and consultation services.
  • Call 603-646-1102 or Blitz Alexander.B.Hernandez-Siegel@Dartmouth.EDU

Office of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender (LGBT) Student Advising
Suite 214, Collis Center

  • The office of LGBT works to foster an atmosphere of well-being and equality for queer people by educating students to dispel ignorance and intolerance.
  • Supports a number of organizations, programs, and services related to sexual orientation and gender identity such as the Dartmouth Rainbow Alliance, Gay Straight Alliance, Green Lambda, and the Coalition for Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender Concerns.
  • Blitz GLBT.Programming@Dartmouth.EDU or call (603) 646-3635

Native American Program
205 Collis Student Center

  • A part of the Dean of the College area, the Native American Program provides student support services and academic advising to Native students at Dartmouh
  • A part of the Office of Pluralism and Leadership, the NAP works to increase the understanding of Native issues across campus and beyond
  • NAP strives to provide spiritual, emotional, and personal support, often times on an individual basis, to insure the success of all Native students
  • Blitz or call (603) 646-2110

Women in Science Project
6243 Parker House

  • Encourage more Dartmouth women to persist in science, math, and engineering by creating and fostering a supportive academic and social climate that will aid women in pursuing science as a major and a career.
  • Offer an electronic newsletter, peer mentoring program for first-years, electronic mentoring with professional scientists and engineers, and opportunities for research internships and meeting with women scientists.
  • Staff members are available for informal counseling and advising.
  • Blitz WISP@Dartmouth.EDU or call 603-646-3690

Center for Women and Gender
6 Choate Road

  • Celebrate women’s achievements, explore the role gender plays in human experience, and support individual and collective struggles related to gender.
  • Provide programs to address the “sexual health and health safety”of all women by promoting frank discussion on campus about sexuality.
  • Blitz or call (603) 646-3456.

Scholarship Advising Office
202 Wentworth Hall

  • The Scholarship Advising Office supports and assists students applying for national fellowships and scholarships for postgraduate study abroad and research, projects and graduate school.
  • See the Scholarship Advising website for current information and deadlines for national and Dartmouth scholarships. Also monitor our Scholarships/Fellowships Blitz Bulletin.
  • Contact Kristin O’Rourke for advising at or Call (603) 646-8647

Undergraduate Research
110 Wentworth Hall

  • Provide information for students about research grants, fellowships, and presidential scholarships among other funding opportunities.
  • Blitz or call (603)-646-1632

Career Services
63 South Main St., 2nd Floor

  • Support Dartmouth students in making informed decisions regarding undergraduate and post-graduate plans by providing resources and opportunities to encourage career exploration and self-assessment .
  • Students can come in for walk-in brief sessions or make appointments with counselors.
  • Call (603) 646-2215 or blitz

Academic Skills Center
301 Collis

  • Carl Thum, Director.
  • Helps all students improve their ability do well academically through 1) learning strategies (memory improvement, reading, notetaking, exam preparation, stress management) and 2) pre-major academic advising (D-plan, course selection).
  • Individual tutors and study groups are also available through the Academic Skills Center.
  • Call (603) 646-2014, or blitz

The Student Center for Research, Writing, and Information Technology
183 Berry

  • RWiT is a place where you can meet with an undergraduate tutor to discuss a paper, research project, new media assignment, or personal statement.
  • Tutors are available to assist with any part of the process: planning, drafting, tweaking or polishing.
  • To make an appointment, visit the online scheduler at or just drop in.

Off-Campus Programs
44 N. College Street

  • Organize program opportunities for students to study off-campus and earn credit toward their degree
  • Provide full information on program application procedures, health and safety, types of programs, and financial aid
  • Blitz or call (603)-646-1202

International Office
44 N. College Street, Suite 6202

  • The International Office offers a full range of services and programs to assist over 1,050 international students, faculty, and scholars who study and work at the College.
  • Provide the visa support necessary for our non-immigrant international population to join the Dartmouth community.
  • Sponsor an International Student Mentor program (ISM) in order to help newly admitted Dartmouth undergraduate students overcome difficulties during the first academic year.
  • Blitz or call (603) 646-3474

Community Directors

  • Community Directors manage the various residential clusters on campus, overseeing the all community events, staff, student concerns, facilities, administration and relevant services.
  • Provides counsel, advising, mediation, referral and resources for resident students regarding personal and academic matters.
  • A list of community directors by cluster can be found on The Office of Residential Life website at:

Nelson A. Rockefeller Center for Public Policy and the Social Sciences

The Center endeavors to:

  • Develop undergraduates’ potential for leadership;
  • Support high quality research  on policy-related topics;
  • Encourage experiential learning in the policy realm;
  • Foster campus dialogue about policy issues;
  • Stimulate cross-disciplinary approaches to policy problems;
  • Promote understanding of policy issues in the community beyond Dartmouth