Fruzsina Molnar    ’10 engl-fru
F09-S10 D-plan:  R-R-R
English / Film and Television Studies

Favorite and least favorite things about your department:

I love the English department because we have such an amazing variety of professors, from medievalists, to incredibly talented creative writers, to women’s studies scholars, and much more. The department is diverse enough that the classes never get boring or repetitive, and you can choose courses to suit your own interests in the form of your concentration. Because it is so large, though, it can sometimes be intimidating or overwhelming, but everyone is approachable and ready to help in times of confusion.

Important info for potential majors:

If you’ve struck a connection with a professor through a class, don’t be afraid to approach that professor in his or her office about becoming your major advisor. Any of the English department professors would be happy to help you sort the courses and requirements out—trust me, they’ve all done it before and they know what they’re doing. Another tip: take Literary Theory early.

Talk to me if:

Talk to me if you’re interested in a poetry concentration. Talk to me if you’re considering the Glasgow study abroad program. Talk to me if you’re having trouble with your writing—I also work as an RWiT tutor. (Talk to me if you love books!)

Most valuable academic info learned:

Take Creative Writing, even if it’s not your concentration. Not only is it fun, it’s also a wonderful opportunity to take advantage of the resources offered by the talented writers in the English department.

Favorite class and professor:

Professor Travis has completely opened my eyes to medieval literature. Under him I took English 19 (Anglo-Saxon Epics and Old Norse Sagas) and English 21 (Chaucer II). I also enjoyed Contemporary American Poetry (English 50) with Professor Zeiger.

Major classes taken:

Engl 18, 19, 21, 28, 34, 40, 48, 50, 80, 90, 91, 92.

Major journey:

I came into Dartmouth truly undecided. I tried out almost all of the departments my freshman year to see if any of them would click for me (I highly recommend this—it broadens academic awareness and it’s a great way to get your distributives out of the way.) I went to a high school with a very strong English department, which I loved, but I wanted to try new things here. It wasn’t until freshman spring that I took my first English class and knew that I would not be happy majoring in anything else.

Major-specific activities:

RWIT, Assistant researcher/editor under Professor Travis

Thesis status:


Other activities:

Stonefence Review poetry board, Jewelry studio, GSX, theatre department sound/light board operator, music lessons through music department.

Off-campus program:

English FSP in Glasgow, 08F

Internship experience:

Nomad Press- marketing and editing intern, 07S-present, White River Junction, VT. Atlas Media- postproduction intern, 08S, New York City. SciWorks- assistant teacher and intern, 06S, Winston-Salem, NC.