Emily Jasinski ‘10 educ2-emilyjasinski
F09-S10 D-plan:  R-R-R
Psychology Major, Education and Human Development Minor
Elementary Teacher Education Program

Favorite and least favorite thing about department:

Strangely, my favorite and least favorite thing about the department are the same thing: the size. The education department is small, which is great, because it means that you really have a chance to get to know professors and other students well. On the other hand, the small number of professors can make scheduling a nightmare, as classes often change terms or are cancled.

Important info for potential majors:

Talk to professors! The Ed department professors are amazing resources and they are always there to help. So whether you’re confused about a class, your D-plan, or you future career, seek out a professor.

Talk to me if:

you’re interested in Special Education!

Most valuable academic information learned:

The Ed department has really taught me how to apply scientific research to real life. I always thought psychology research was a bit impractical, but professors in the education department have completely proven me wrong.

Favorite class and professor:

I took Education 50 (The Reading Brain) with Professor Coch freshman spring, and it is definitely the class that convinced me that I wanted to be involved in education. It has a reputation for being a hard class, and it is, but if you love both research and the practical aspects of education (like teaching) you’ll love this class!

Major classes taken:

Educ 1, 20, 18, 50, 64, 54, 41

Major journey:

I’ve wanted to be a teacher since as long ago as I can remember. However, by the time I’d gotten to Dartmouth, a fair number of people had tried to convince me that I was “too smart to teach”, and I wasn’t so sure. My first couple of classes in the Education department reminded me why I love educations, and they also showed me how challenging education can be. I still want to teach, but I’m now also aware of many other ways I could be involved in the field of education.

Major specific activities:

Reading Brains Lab- Presidential Scholar

Thesis status:

I am currently working on an ERP thesis with Professor Coch on how math facts are processed in the brain.

Other activities:

DHMC Volunteer; Multi-Faith Council; Aquinas House; Dartmouth Chamber Orchestra; Blood Drives Committee

Off-campus program:

AMES FSP in Fez, Morocco, 08S

Internship experience:

Happiness is Camping for Children with Cancer- Counselor- 07X
National Center for Learning Disabilities- 09W
The Children’s Village- Teaching Assistant- 09X