The mission of Peer Academic Link is to select diverse upperclassmen from each major who can share their experiences with inquisitive, interested peers. PALs provide a student perspective on a Dartmouth education and further the College’s overall goal of enabling students to work towards a liberal education. By connecting members of the Dartmouth community, PAL aims to engage students in a discussion about the multitude of academic paths and opportunities available at the College. PALs do not counsel their peers, but instead stimulate and support them towards the development of their academic careers. PALs recognize the need to be responsive to each peer’s particular interests and understand that education is a process of intellectual growth.

2010-2011 Executive team

Ashley Gadsden ‘11, Associate Director, Humanities

Nana K. Amoah  ’11, Associate Director, Operations & Finance

Bishnu Panigrahi ‘12, Associate Director, Physical & Life Sciences

Rachel Groh ‘12, Associate Director, Social Sciences

Sarah Kler ‘12, Associate Director, Freshmen & Sophomore Initiatives


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