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Current Undergraduate International Students

Maintaining Visa Status

General Status Information


Travel and Re-entry Information

Travel Signature Request

Visa Application Procedures

Program Extension Information and Application


Matriculating students transferring in to Dartmouth from another school

  • F-1 Transfer-in Verification Form

Matriculated students transferring courses for one term

  • F-1 SEVIS enrolled Agreement for TR Term Request Form

Matriculated students transferring out of Dartmouth to another school

  • F-1 Transfer-out Form
  • J-1 Transfer-out Form


Immigration Options Regarding Employment for F-1 Students

Immigration Options Regarding Employment for J-1 Students

New I-20s

OVIS will issue you a new I-20 for any of the following events

  • Transfer-in students will get a new I-20 if they
    • matriculate after the first year from another U.S. college or
    • transfer to Dartmouth from a high school in the U.S.
  • File or change a major
    • after the first term in residence students may file a major
      • students may have 3 majors or 2 majors/1 minor or 1 major/2 minors
        • a new I-20 will issue only for the first major
      • information about subsequently added majors and minors will be sent to SEVIS but do not trigger a new I-2o
  • Request Optional Practical Training (“OPT”) work authorization
    • students may request OPT after one full year (3 consecutive terms) of enrollment on a new I-20
    • students are eligible to apply for 12 months of OPT in their field of study and may save all 12 months until after graduation or use part of the OPT prior to graduation and the remainder after graduation
  • Shorten or lengthen the academic program
  • Substantial changes in funding or other data on the face of the I-20
  • Independent transfer terms, or official exchange terms, or LSA/FSP programs
All old I-20s must be kept forever as part of the permanent visa history.

Last Updated: 5/19/17