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What You Need to Know About I-94 Automation

I-94 cardWhat is the I-94?  - The Form I-94 is the arrival/departure record that foreign nationals receive when they enter the United States.  It is issued by Customs and Border Protection ("CBP") at ports of entry into the U.S.  The Form I-94 contains the foreign national's admission number, class of admission, admitted-until date and date of entry into the U.S.

Admission StampWhat is changing?  -  Beginning April 30th, 2013 foreign national travelers entering the United States at air and sea ports of entry receive an admission stamp in their passports showing date of admission, class of admission and admitted-until date.  CBP will create an electronic I-94 record of their entry, which travelers can access and print by going to  Travelers entering the U.S. by land will still receive a paper Form I-94 from CBP.I94 Printout

How can I prove my legal status in the U.S.? – Your passport and admission stamp will prove your legal status in the United States.  You should also print out your electronic I-94 record every time you enter the U.S. and keep it for your records.  The most
recent print-out can be kept in your passport.  If you entered the U.S. by land, your paper Form I-94 should be attached to your passport.

What do I do with the paper I-94 in my passport? – When you leave the United States, you should surrender the paper I-94 to the airline.  When you reenter the U.S. you will receive either a new paper I-94 or an admission stamp and electronic Form I-94 record, which you can access and print by going to https://.

What should I be doing? – Review the following information to access and manage your electronic Form I-94:

  1. When you enter the U.S., check the admission stamp in your passport.  CBP at the port-of-entry should place an admission stamp in your passport with the date of your entry, and write in both the immigration classification (i.e. F-1, J-1, H-1B) and the expiration date of your temporary stay(D/S for F and J visa holders).
  2. Once you are in the U.S. and have Internet access, log on to the CBP website at and download and print an electronic version of your I-94 record of arrival.
    • Enter your Family Name
    • Enter your First or Given Name
    • Enter your Birth Date in the following format MM/DD/YYYY
    • Enter your Passport Number
    • Enter your Passport Country of Issuance
    • Enter your Date of Entry into the U.S.
    • Enter your class of admission (J-1, F-1, H-1B, etc.) which can be found on the admission stamp associated with your current visit to the U.S.
    • Press the Submit Button
    • From this screen you can view and print your Form I-94
    • Review the data for accuracy before printing
  3. You will need a print-out of your Form I-94 for your OVIS check-in if you are a new international student, scholar or employee.  You will also need a print-out to complete your new hire paperwork at Dartmouth, to apply for a Social Security number, and to apply for a State Driver's License.
  4. Print a new I-94 each time you enter the U.S. and keep a copy for your records. The admission information will only be available on the website for a two-year period. If you depart the U.S., the previous arrival information is replaced by the new arrival information when you next enter the country.

Last Updated: 10/3/16