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  • Tax Information and Disclaimer

Filing Taxes

U.S. citizen and non-U.S. citizen wage earners alike must file a U.S. “tax return” on or about April 15th each year (April 18 for 2017), reporting the income earned in the prior calendar year. Any scholarship aid is also reported in the tax return. To assist foreign nationals with their tax filing, the Office of Visa & Immigration Services purchases usage rights to the GLACIER Tax Prep software program. Non-resident aliens who are eligible to use GLACIER Tax Prep can go online and, using the documents provided from their employer (e.g. Dartmouth College) and/or their scholarship source (e.g. Dartmouth College), fill out the GLACIER Tax Prep form(s), print the form(s) and mail to the address provided by the due date, usually in mid-April. Dartmouth-affiliated foreign nationals will receive an email in late February outlining details for using GLACIER Tax Prep.

For More Information about Taxes in General

  1. The source of tax information is United States Internal Revenue Service (IRS), see their websites:
  2. Supplemental information and links are on the Dartmouth Office of Visa & Immigration Services website:, including:
    • General Tax Information
    • An Overview of the U.S. Income Tax System
    • Tax Filing Requirements for non-resident F and J visa holders
    • Resident Aliens and Non-resident Aliens — analysis information
    • The definition of “Exempt Individuals”
    • Non-resident Tax Rules
    • Payment Forms — the W-2, Form 1042-S, and 1099-S
    • Tax Treaties
    • Social Security Number or Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (“ITIN”) information
    • The Dual-Status Return
    • The IRS Mailing Address
  3. Social Security numbers and ITIN numbers
    • A Social Security Number (“SSN”) or Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (“ITIN”) is required for filing a tax return.
    • F-1 visa holders are not eligible for a Social Security number unless they have a job.
    • J-1 visa holders are eligible for a Social Security number.
    • For general information about the SSN, see the OVIS website:
    • For the source of information about the SSN, see the Social Security website: here.
    • For the source of information about the ITIN, see the IRS website: here.
  4. SSN Applications
    • See complete information on the IRS website: here.
    • To apply for a SSN, take the following to a Social Security official:
    • A completed Social Security Number application, get the form here:
    • A letter from the student or scholar’s employer, which must be counter-signed by the OVIS advisor for the student or scholar; the letter template is found here:
    • Copies of all original documents
    • All original documents must be taken to the interview and shown to the officer.
  5. Other resources

Office of Visa & Immigration Services DISCLAIMER

The advisors, staff, agents and employees of the Office of Visa & Immigration Services (“OVIS”) are not tax experts or qualified or licensed tax advisors. No representation or guarantee about the quality or accuracy of any of the information contained herein, nor anything contained in any of our websites or information conveyed in any verbal or written format, is intended or made either directly or indirectly. OVIS will offer the GLACIER Tax Prep program as a service to the Dartmouth community but makes no express or implied representations as to the program’s accuracy or appropriateness for any individual. OVIS will not answer any tax-related questions. Individuals are responsible for their own tax liability and for finding their own tax information, advising and guidance.

Last Updated: 1/10/17