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International Spouses and Partners at Dartmouth

The Office of Visa and Immigration Services is pleased to announce that Juan Zhang, an international spouse, has volunteered to organize some programming for international spouses and partners at Dartmouth College. Juan would like to hear from any international spouses or partners who are interested in programming opportunities, gatherings, or functions. Please contact Juan at if you have questions, are interested in participating, or have any programming ideas to share.

Also, please be sure to monitor the Office of Visa and Immigration Services'' Blitz Bulletin "Visa Services" or the OVIS Facebook page (discussion section) to find out more as these programs are implemented.

~~A little bit about Juan~~

"I was born in Beijing, China. I had never left home before I came to the U.S. I got my B.A. with honor in Computer Science from New Jersey Institute of Technology. When my husband accepted a position at MIT, we moved to Boston. While there I enjoyed several work and volunteer opportunities. I most enjoyed volunteering for Spouses and Partners at MIT.

Similar to Dartmouth, students and employees at MIT may come from all over the world. In order to get used to a new environment in the US, they have to do a lot of life adjustments because of different culture background. As one of them, I also met many unexpected problems when we moved to Boston. My husband was always busy at work. I had to rely on myself to discover the community and to sort everyday things out. Fortunately, with help from Spouses and Partners at MIT, I found various useful information — from where good grocery stores are to how to improve English quickly. The best part was I got the chance to make new friends.

Since we moved to Hanover, I have been searching for any similar group at Dartmouth. Unfortunately, there’s only one office — for international students only. With the help of the Office of Visa and Immigration Services, I get the opportunity to host a new group for International Spouses and Partners at Dartmouth. I look forward to helping people adjust to a new environment. I was a newcomer not long ago; even now I still sometimes get confused. I understand how frustrating it can be when you face a completely different world. If you are an international spouse or partner who needs help or wants to help others, or just make new friends, join us! Please contact me at if you are interested."

Last Updated: 2/2/11