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Travel Letter Request

Due to heavy workload, the Office of Visa and Immigration Services is no longer able to provide travel letters to verify immigration status on a routine basis. These letters are not required by U.S. regulations, as your immigration status is verifiable through your documents which, aside from a valid passport, I-94 card (if you entered the U.S. by land) or passport Admission stamp (if you entered the U.S. by air or sea), may include an I-20 form for F-1 students, a DS-2019 form for J-1 exchange visitors, or I-797 H-1B approval notice for H temporary workers. If you believe you may have particular security risks while traveling, and might need such a letter, please contact your International Advisor.

WARNING: Current security clearance checks by the U.S. State Department can delay the visa application process for a month or more. If you are traveling outside the U.S., and need a new visa to re-enter, please note that possible lengthy delays may occur.

For more information about these procedures please read the webpage on travel procedures for your visa status type.

Last Updated: 5/2/13