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International Student Resource List

Academic Skills Center

  • Baker Library, Suite 224 (Located just outside the Tower Room), 646-2014
  • Carl Thum, Director
  • The Academic Skills Center provides learning strategies for academic success and peer tutoring services. The Center also offers academic advice and disabilities services.

Alcohol & Other Drug Education Office

  • Robinson (Robo) 320, 646-9414
  • Brian Bowden, Coordinator of Alcohol and Drug Education Programs
  • Alcohol & Other Drug Education provides resources and information about alcohol and other drugs, peer education programs, concerns about use or misuse, and College policies.

Center for Professional Development

  • 63 South Main Street, 2nd Floor, 646-2215
  • Roger Woolsey, Director
  • Center for Professional Development operates to assist students in making informed decisions regarding their plans related to employment and graduate school. Career Services provides students with access to a wide range of resources, including internships, informal resources on various careers, and graduate scholarships and fellowships.

Sexuality, Women, and Gender Advising (SWAG)

  • Collis Suite 205, 646-3456
  • Michelle Hector Kermond, Dean
  • As part of the Office of Pluralism and Leadership (OPAL), under the Division of Student Affairs, the mission of Sexuality, Women, and Gender (SWAG) Advising is to foster student and community development, wellness, and academic success with a particular focus on issues that pertain to gender and sexuality diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Dartmouth College Health Service (Dick's House)

  • 5-7 Rope Ferry Rd., 650-9400
  • Mark Reed, MD, Director of Counseling and Human Development, 646-9442
  • The Health Service believes that good health is a vital part of every student's college experience. We are here to provide high quality care and services for Dartmouth students and to develop and promote health education information for students to maintain a healthy lifestyle during college and in the years beyond.

English as a Second Language Assistance

Financial Aid Office

  • 6024 McNutt, 646-2451
  • Gordon D. Koff, Director
  • The Financial Aid Office encourages students and their families to be in touch with them for assistance with questions regarding Dartmouth's financial aid policies and procedures.

Undergraduate Deans Office

  • 6064 Carson Hall, Suite 125, 646-2243
  • Class of 2021 (First-Year Students) -
  • You can make an appointment to see any of the class deans by calling their office (603) 646-2243. You can request to see a specific dean or ask for the first available appointment. A dean is assigned to each class. Deans meet with students to discuss academic advising, personal issues, and college policies. They can provide information about college resources and make referrals as needed. Anyone experiencing academic difficulties is encouraged to meet with a dean.

International Student Programs

John Sloan Dickey Center for International Understanding

  • 6048 Haldeman Center, 646-2023
  • Daniel Benjamin, Director
  • The Dickey Center develops and administers student on-campus programs and leave term projects with emphasis on international policy and development studies. The Dickey Center also regularly sponsors international activities and speakers to encourage international understanding both on and off campus.

Office of Pan Asian Student Advising

  • 125 Carson Hall, 646-0987
  • The Office of Pan Asian Student Advising (OPASA) is dedicated to enhancing the Dartmouth experience through supporting and challenging the campus community around issues pertinent to the Pan Asian student experience. They offer personal and academic guidance, advice, and support including – but not limited to – social adjustment concerns, academic and classroom issues, bias-related incidents and much more.

Office of Undergraduate Judicial Affairs

  • 5 Rope Ferry Room 203, 646-3482
  • Katharine Strong, Interim Director
  • This office oversees the College disciplinary system, serves as the administrator for the Committee on Standards, and handles issues concerning the academic progress of students. Students should direct questions regarding the College's standards of conduct or the academic honor principle to this office.

Office of Visa and Immigration Services

  • 63 South Main Street, Suite 303, 646-3474
  • Susan C. Ellison, Director
  • Marcia Calloway, Associate Director and Advisor to Undergraduate Students
  • Suzanne D. Pendergrass, Assistant Director and Advisor to International Students and Scholars
  • Keriann E. Ketcham, Advisor to International Students & Scholars
  • Sheri Ball, Office Manager/SEVIS Data Coordinator
  • Fukiko Suda Helm, Administrative Assistant
  • The Office of Visa and Immigration Services advises, supports, and provides services for international students, faculty, staff, and visitors at the College.

Outdoor Programs

  • Robinson Hall, 646-2428
  • Dan Nelson, Director
  • The purpose of the Outdoor Programs Office is to further the educational objectives of Dartmouth College by facilitating outdoor opportunities for the Dartmouth community. It accomplishes this through the Dartmouth Outing Club, the Dartmouth Ski Team, Outdoor Education, and Outdoor Facilities.

Payroll Department

  • 7 Lebanon Street, Suite 309, 646-2697
  • Christine G. Wood, Director
  • The Payroll Department is responsible for the payment, taxation, and reporting of all wages. This includes processing and distributing paychecks and direct deposit stubs as well as year-end tax forms (Form W-2 and Form 1042S). The Payroll Department also assists nonresident aliens with the completion of tax forms which are required before payments can be processed (Form 8233 and Form 1001).

Safety and Security

  • 5 Rope Ferry Rd, 646-4000
  • Rebel Roberts, Crime Prevention Specialist
  • The Department of Safety and Security is responsible for the general security of the College and responds to all College emergencies. The Department also enforces College regulations and moving vehicle violations.

Sexual Respect

  • Parkhurst Hall, Room 009, Phone:646-0922,
  • Nicole Hall Hewett, Coordinator
  • This site provides information on Dartmouth's programs for promoting sexual respect, and resources, policies, and procedures for preventing and responding to sexual assault, gender-based harassment, and other forms of sexual misconduct. Educate the Dartmouth College community about sexual abuse and its prevention and empower students to act towards the elimination of sexual abuse. Address issues of policy and procedure through advocacy for survivor concerns.

Student Financial Services

  • 6132 McNutt, 646-3230
  • Kathryn A. Page, Director
  • The Student Financial Services Office is responsible for student receivables and loans. This includes assessing tuition, recording payments, refunding student account credits and providing all services related to College loan programs.

Collis Center for Student Involvement

  • 6181 Collis, 646-3399
  • Anna Hall, Director of Student Involvement
  • The Student Activities Office assists students with organizations and programs, and promotes coordination among student groups. The office enhances the personal development of students through involvement in campus life, and facilitates the presentation of programs to meet the co-curricular needs of Dartmouth's diverse student population.

Student Employment Office

  • 7 Lebanon Street, Suite 203, 646-3641
  • Kari Jo Grant, Student Employment Consultant
  • The Student Employment Office was created to assist students in search of jobs (both on campus and in the local community), and employers who wish to hire students. It provides many services, including managing job listings through SEO JobNet and the student TempJob service, advising employers on how to hire and train student staff, and by developing new jobs.

Tucker Center

  • 6154 South Fairbanks Hall, 646-3780
  • The William Jewett Tucker Center cultivates spirituality and ethical living through facilitation of numerous world faith traditions, multifaith programming, experiential living and learning, and major campus events. Our door is open for caring, non-judgmental pastoral counseling and the Chaplain is a confidential, non-mandatory reporting resource. We welcome all students whether from a particular faith background, secular, seeking, or questioning.

Last Updated: 10/25/17