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Dartmouth International Portal Login

Access to the online Dartmouth Student Information System and the International Portal

The International Portal is designed for accepted international students to provide information and documentation needed to facilitate the immigration sponsorship process.

If you are accessing the system before you are provided with your official Dartmouth Login click on the link below. The username and password you will provide to the below link is considered your 'Banner Only' login.

  • If you are an incoming International undergraduate your 'Banner Only' login username and password is the same as the one you used to access the Admissions status pages.
  • If you are an incoming International student attending one of the post-graduate or professional schools please use the username and password that your school will email to you.  This email will have a subject of "Banner Only Login Information.

To access the International Portal with your Banner Only login - please click here     

If you are accessing the system after you have received your official Dartmouth login you should only use that login as your 'Banner Only' login will expire.

To login to the Dartmouth Student Information System using your official Dartmouth username and password click here

Last Updated: 4/12/12