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Rapport Grants Hot Topics

Name Errors in the SF424
OSP-IS has a fix for this error. Email the name of any researcher where you experience this error to OSP-IS.
We find that name errors are still occurring at times in the SF424. There are various causes for these name errors. The below steps assume that you have run Validate Submission and are navigating the the errors via the links next to the error(s) in the Validation results.

-The first cause arises because of white space errors in the Contact PI's name of the SF424 Cover Page. Sometimes you will see a suffix or middle initial error for the PD/PI's name in Section A&B for every Budget Period. This points to the error being in the Contact PI's name. Go to the Cover Page, add a middle initial if none or remove if there and take simultaneously similar steps for the suffix. Then click Save on the Navigation Bar. Then reverse these changes and click Save again. Now click the Refresh Button. The errors typically disappear. Please report this error to OSP-IS.

-The second cause arises because of the middle initial in the PI's profile. Depending how the name is in HRMS, the middle initial may or may not be followed by a period in RAPPORT. Before entering the PD?PI's name or those of SKP in the budget, check for periods following the middle initial.

-The third cause for name errors arises when adding PhD or MD as a suffix in the budget, when these are never used in a researcher's profile in RAPPORT Grants. While the Adobe Forms allowed these suffixes, do not add them in RAPPORT. If you add them, they will be overwritten each time Create-Update SF424 is run.

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Error Regarding Start or End Dates of Budget Periods When Running Validate Submission on Applications
For new proposals and resubmissions, an error is given, when running Validate Submission, that start or end date(s) of budget period(s) doesn't match the project start or end date. The workaround is to change the end/start date (depending on the error) by following the link to the page in page linked from the Validate Submission Error/Warning Messages. Delete the date reported as in error and save, enter the end/start date and save and click the Refresh button. This error can occur with a detailed or modular budget. The issue is, in the background, that the mapping is appending a time stamp that triggers the error. The vendor for RAPPORT will issue a future software update to remedy this issue.
Budget Start-Date Error

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Entries on Second Line of Street Address Cause Mapping Error on Proposals
Avoid entries on the second line of the street address for any person or organization on a proposal Workaround is to entire important information on the first address line. OSP has blocked the second street address line information from mapping to the SF424 to prevent the error. The vendor for RAPPORT will issue a future software update to remedy this issue.

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Canadian Province Is Not Mapping to the SF424
When entering a non-Dartmouth Senior/Key Personnel, who is Canadian, the selected Canadian Province, for the line State/Province (required for US and Canada), does not map from this form to the entry for the respective researcher on the SF424 Research and Related Senior/Key Person (with Expanded) Profile Form. You must enter the province manually in this SF424 form. When a province is entered, however, for a non-Dartmouth foreign performance site, the entry for the province does map to the SF424's Research & Related Project/Performance Site Location(s) form.

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Last Updated: 12/17/15