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RAPPORT Grants is part of the RAPPORT Project - a web-based research administration system that will encompass Grants, IRB and COI.

Accessing RAPPORT Grants

To login to the RAPPORT application, go to

Please note that you will need your NetID and password to login to RAPPORT.

Click here to find your NetID.
Click here to verify and/or change your password on the Dartmouth Directory Manager. Should you be unable to reset your password on your own, please contact the appropriate computing support office during their business hours.

Processing a funding proposal through RAPPORT Grants eliminates the need for an ePRF. Presently, RAPPORT Grants can be used only to apply for funding opportunities available through

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RAPPORT Grants Hot Topics

Potential Subaward Warning with Office of Naval Research FOAs

We have seen the following with two funding proposals submitted to the Office of Naval Research. When a subaward is included on some funding proposals, the subaward budget maps to yield a correct subaward cumulative budget; however, the Validate Submission activity returns a warning (not an error) with wording such as “The Subawards/Consortium/Contractual Costs for the project budget should be equal to the Total Direct and Indirect Costs of all subawards.” In addition to uploading the subaward budget in View 11.1, the subaward budget PDF file needs to be attached to the application per instructions.

Errors with Senior Key Personnel Names

Two errors occur in names with no predictable pattern. The errors impact the PD/PI or other Senior Key Personnel.
When using the Validate Submission activity or the Hide/Show Errors on the navigation bar, one of the name errors manifests as a report that the PD/PIs name is incorrect for every budget period in the SF-424. The solution is to alter the PD/PIs name (add a middle initial, or suffix or otherwise change the name) on the R&R Cover Page, save the change, undo the alteration and save again. Now use either the Refresh button when using the Validate Submission or the Hide/Show Errors button. This clears the issue.
The other name error is related to the R&R Senior/Key Personnel (with Expanded ) Profile (SKP) page where the middle initial or suffix not matching are reported as errors when using the Validate Submission or the Hide/Show Errors button. By adding or deleting either the middle initial or suffix (item reported in the error), in the SKP page, saving the change, reversing the change, saving and running Refresh (Validate Submission) or Hide/Show Errors, this second of the name errors is corrected. 

Generated PDF Pages Not In Anticipated Sequence

When running the Generate PDF Version Activity, the compiled PDF shows the SF424 (R&R) pages as either the last pages or near the end of the application package. Also, in some instances, other pages or attachments have been observed to be out of sequence. Previously, the PDF more closely resembled view of the submitted proposal on the eRA Commons. When you forward this Generated PDF, please inform the PI or others that the submission will appear properly when received by and the ultimate sponsor.

Until such time that we can implement a Huron issued fix, you may find that the PI will prefer to view the Print Version of the SF424.

Avoid use of "Make A Copy" Activity

This is just a reminder that the “Make a Copy” activity in RAPPORT (which appears under “My Activities” on the left hand side of the Funding Proposal work space) should not be used. While Make a Copy can appear to be working fine, important notifications are not sent and the Funding Proposal’s  Federal tracking information cannot be obtained, which is why we recommend that it not be used. We expect that this activity will be fixed in a future release.

Sf424 Version 2.5.x Release Notes June 11, 2014

June 11, 2014 Release Notes

Mapping Does Not Work with Some Standard Attachments and Non-Standard Forms

With F, K and T Award proposals, be attentive that some standard attachments do not map to a required location in a non-standard form. For example, in a K-Award, the Research Strategy is attached to the non-standard PHS 398 Career Development Award Supplemental form. Thus, uploading the Research Strategy in View 12.0 of the Funding Proposal will not allow it to be attached as the mapping does not work. The Research Strategy, in this case, must be attached to the SF424. Remember, when mapping is not involved, a file will not be overwritten. Thus, even if the Research Strategy is uploaded in the Funding Proposal, the version uploaded in the SF424 will not be affected by running Create-Update SF424.

K-Awards PHS Cover Letter Warning

The K-Awards now use the new Forms C set. With this, we have seen an error that cannot be fixed until we install a future patch to RAPPORT. Until this patch users will see an error when running the Validate Submission activity that a PHS Cover Letter is required when the cover letter is attached.

K-Award PHS Cover Letter Error

Your Grants Officer can submit a proposal when this is the only reported “error”.

SF424 Adobe PDF Attachments May Create Validation Error

Some institutions' submissions to NIH are encountering what appears to be a new validation error where the page size of a PDF application attachment is larger than U.S. standard Letter paper size of 8.5 x 11 inches.  While this guideline has been in place since approximately 2004, it has not been systemically enforced – until this July when NIH incorporated changes to support the FORMS-C packages.

The RAPPORT/Click SF 424 error checking has not been updated to recognize a larger page size attachment as a validation failure – so please be vigilant on verifying proper page sizes as you make submissions to Grants.Gov.  

SF424 Alert For Missing Federal Identifier

At the validation of an SF424, you receive an alert about the FederalID field. This alert pertains to the fact that RAPPORT cannot find a reference to the previously submitted funding proposal. This reference pertains to the fact that the Grants Express implementation of RAPPORT does not map the Federal Identifier of a previously submitted of a funding proposal with type Resubmission. This alert will not prevent you from submitting your funding proposal. The Federal Identifier will need to be hand entered until the implementation of Full Grants.

Previous proposal submission was not through RAPPORT

View 4.0 Alert - Electronic Submission Not Supported

After you have entered your FOA in View 3.0 and progress to View 4.0, observe that you do not have the alert as seen following example. The alert appears below the View 4.0 title and states that all forms, for your FOA, are not supported and that the funding proposal cannot be submitted electronically.

 SF424 Alert that Previous FP was not submitted via RAPPORT

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RAPPORT Grants Support

The RAPPORT Grants support team provides direct production support for the RAPPORT grants submission process Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m.-12:00 p.m. and 1:00 p.m.–5:00 p.m., excluding College holidays.

Should you have any question please do not hesitate to contact the support team by email or telephone.

Email: OSP-RAPPORT@Cloud.Dartmouth.EDU

Phone: (603)646-8829

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Last Updated: 2/14/15