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Fringe Benefit Rates

The following percentages should be used on budgets accompanying proposals:

(7/2013 - 6/2014)
(7/2014 - 6/2015)

Until Amended
(7/1/2015 - Until Amended

Faculty, API/APII 34.5% 34% 34%
Research Assoc A 9% 9% 9%
Research Assoc B 23.5% 23.5% 23.5%
Research Assoc C 34.5% 34% 34%
Temporary 9% 9% 9%


  • Research Associate A
    Researchers with assignments of less than 9 months or less than half time, qualifying them as temporary employees.
  • Research Associate B
    Researchers whose assignments are expected to end within 3 years of their initial hiring or appointment at Dartmouth.
  • Research Associate C
    Researchers whose assignments or reappointments are expected to continue beyond 3 years of the date of their initial hiring or appointment at Dartmouth.

Note:  Historically, fringe rates are negotiated with DHHS each year.  New rates are typically released by March for the next year.  For purposes of budgeting grant applications, please utilize an escalation factor of .5% to estimate rates beyond FY15. 

Last Updated: 2/18/14