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Office of Sponsored Projects

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Export Controls


Dartmouth is fully committed to complying with all laws and regulations including export control regulations.  Dartmouth faculty, staff, and students may encounter these laws when engaging in several activities (examples not meant to include all activities):

  • Hand carrying items that export controlled outside of the US
  • Receiving equipment from a vendor that is restricted
  • Shipping chemical or biological materials
  • Receiving materials from another institution
  • Temporary Export of Equipment 

It is important to note that most information and software that Dartmouth develops, shares or receives from colleagues or other is not export controlled. 

Dartmouth faculty should become familiar with export control rules.  The materials on these webpages are intended to help researchers and administrators become more familiar with issues surrounding Export Controls.  If you have specific questions or need assistance in determining when the regulations apply, please contact Jill Mortali, Director of the Office of Sponsored Projects at or the other subject matter experts referenced in the content on this website.

Export Control Laws and Regulations

For further guidance, please reference the links below:








Last Updated: 4/16/15