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Office of Sponsored Projects

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Research Conflict of Interest

  • The Research Conflict of Interest (COI) process is designed to ensure objectivity in the design, conduct, or reporting of research. As required by federal regulations, a designated official(s) must review all financial disclosures, determine whether a financial conflict of interest exists, and, if so, determine what actions should be taken by the Institution to manage, reduce, or eliminate such conflict of interest.   The Dartmouth College policy can be found at this link. Submitted information will be reviewed by the Office of the Vice Provost for Research and the Office of Sponsored Projects. If needed, information will also be reviewed by the Dartmouth College Conflict of Interest Committee (COIC).

NEW RAPPORT Research Conflict of Interest Application Coming!

On September 7, 2016 a new RCOI application will be launched as part of the RAPPORT suite of research tools. At 5:00 PM on September 6, the current RCOI application will be set to read-only. No new RCOI information can be entered into the existing application as of that time. Emails describing the launch of the new system have been sent to researchers from the Research Compliance Office. Further information about this launch will be posted to this page in the near future - stay tuned!

Travel Disclosure Requirements for PHS-Funded Investigators

PHS-funded Research (Including Other Sponsors Adopting PHS Rules)

Those involved in PHS grant applications or awards should pay particular attention to the PHS requirements for faculty and other key personnel including:

  • Complete a disclosure related to institutional responsibilities (Annual/IR Disclosure) on an annual schedule to be established by the institution
  • Provide updated information to Annual/IR Disclosure as new financial interests arise
  • Certify that disclosures are up to date at the time of proposal
  • Attend educational session every four years
  • PHS requirement to make reportable financial conflicts of interest available to the public; Note such requests to be submitted via the Research Compliance website. Please do not respond directly to information. Forward requests to the Dartmouth Research Compliance email at

For a summary of changes to PHS requirements, click here.  For a list of sponsors adopting PHS rules, click here.

Process for Sponsors Other Than PHS

  • At the time of application, all Investigators involved in the project submit a project-specific disclosure via the on-line system
  • Upon a change in a financial interest, complete an updated disclosure

Disclosure Process and System

  • To access the system: Please click on the Launch the Conflict of Interest Application below. 
  • You will proceed to a login screen and enter your Dartmouth ID and password.
  • Anyone doing a COI disclosure must have a DND account. All College employees and The Geisel School of Medicine faculty already have DND accounts, but for faculty not yet at Dartmouth or others without an account, a sponsored account must be established. Read about Sponsored DND Accounts and download a request form.
  • If you have questions about your Dartmouth ID or other access issues, please contact the Dartmouth College Help Desk or call 603-646-2999. (The Geisel School of Medicine researchers contact Geisel Computing Support or call 603-650-1600.)  
  • You can look up your DND account by clicking here.  
  • Once you log-in, you will be given two options.  If you are listed on any PHS-funded proposal or award, click yes to PHS-funded.  If you are not listed on any PHS-funded proposal or award, click no to PHS-funded.
  • Please reference the guides below, if you have questions.

Access the Conflict of Interest System

Launch the Conflict of Interest Application

Mandatory PHS COI Education:

Dartmouth offers the CITI course on-line.  Read more about this option.  

  • On-line: Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI) Program. The Conflict of Interest Mini-Course, which consists of two brief on line training modules, is now available on the CITI curriculum

Download Quick Guide to Completing The Conflict of Interest Mini-Course on CITI

Process and Forms for Subcontractors and Consultants

As the primary applicant for PHS funds, Dartmouth must assure compliance for all Investigators who meet the PHS definition for FCOI.  In many cases, a subcontractor institution meets the PHS FCOI requirements.   In some cases, additional steps are necessary to assure compliance.  Please review the documents below carefully to avoid delays.

  • Guidance to Principal Investigators, Department Administrators and OSP Documentation for Collaborators (Subrecipients and Consultants)  Click Here for Form
  • Dartmouth PHS Form 1 for Subcontractors  Click Here for Form
  • Dartmouth PHS Form 2 for Consultants and Unpaid Other Significant Contributors Click Here for Form  REVISED OCTOBER 9, 2015.  Note:  Please have consultants/OSC complete page 1 only and submit to OSP.  Page 2 is only required for positive responses.

Public Access Requests

PHS requirement to make reportable financial conflicts of interest available to the public; Note such requests to be submitted via the Research Compliance website. Please do not respond directly to information. Forward requests to


Any questions concerning COI disclosures in relation to awards or proposals or disclosures required for grant applications please contact your OSP Grants Officer or or your Department Research Administrator.

Questions concerning logging in or using the system should be directed to

Any questions about the Conflict of Interest policy or review process should be directed to


Last Updated: 9/1/16