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Role of the Sponsored Research Manager

Within the Office of Sponsored Projects the OSP Sponsored Research Manager acts as the primary administrative liaison in the area of post award with Sponsoring Agencies, Principal Investigator's and Departmental Grant Administrator's. The most direct link in the financial management of an award is the partnership between the Departmental Grant Administrator, Principal Investigator and the OSP Grant Manager.

When a Notice of Award is received the OSP Sponsored Research Manager will be assigned to the award based on their administrative area of responsibility.

The primary responsibilities of the OSP Sponsored Research Manager during the post-award phase of a sponsored research award are:

  • Establish and monitor sponsored research PTA Accounts.
  • Outline sponsors' guidelines and regulations to Department Grant Administrator's and Principal Investigator's.
  • Monitor expenditure activities on sponsored research PTA Accounts to ensure compliance with federal regulations, agency specific requirements, and college policies/procedures.
  • Initiate interim and final financial reports in a timely manner, as required by a sponsor.
  • Initiate discussions, as needed, between Principal Investigator's and funding agencies related to the interpretation and application of a sponsor's regulations and policies.
  • Facilitate good award management techniques by disseminating information to Principal Investigator's on a wide range of topics related to sponsored research.

Quick Reference

What OSP Does

  • Reviews Notice of Award
  • Inputs most budget templates
  • Compliance - interpret guidelines/rules/regulations
  • Directly communicate with sponsors on any question/issue on Sponsored Awards
  • Approve all Requests, Transfers, Journals and Transactions involving Sponsored Awards received from Department Grant Administrator's
  • Use OGA Reports to manage PTA Accounts
  • Generate and send Labor Verification Reports by Employee to Department Grant Administrator's
  • Follows steps outlined in Closeout Grid
  • Prepare and submit Financial Reports
  • Cash Management/Collections

What the Department Administrator Does

  • Reviews Notice of Award
  • Provides OSP with detailed budget information on awards that require multiple PTA Accounts
  • Process Employee Payrolls/LADC
  • Reconcile PTA Accounts timely
  • Prepare and submit all Requests, Transfers, Journals and Transactions involving Sponsored Awards to their OSP Sponsored Research Manager
  • Have Employee's review, verify, and sign Labor Verification Reports by Employee
  • Inform their OSP Sponsored Research Manager of pending changes such as:
    • Financial changes
    • Personnel changes
    • Project changes
    • Follows steps outlined in Closeout grid
  • Prepare supporting documents of outstanding debits/credits
  • Process/follow up with delayed transactions

Last Updated: 12/17/10