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Payroll Authorizations (PA)

Salary charged to sponsored research awards are considered allowable and routine in that documentation is submitted on the same schedule as standard Payroll Authorization Forms for permanent Dartmouth College staff.


• Payroll Authorization Forms are used to hire new employees, increase/reduce rate of pay, change employee's position classification and to terminate an employee.


• Payroll Authorization Forms need to be signed by a designated individual within the department and department's fiscal office before submitting to the appropriate finance center (OSP does not require the Finance Office to send them copies of PA's that involve PTA Accounts).


• If the department is moving retro salary transactions that involve a PTA Account, a Wage Transfer Form needs to be filled out which includes filling out the Justification section of the form that explains the reasons for moving those salary transactions. Based on the scenario, the form must be signed and approved by the following individuals:


- If the salary transaction is not moved within the following month of it originally posting, then the PI needs to sign the Wage Transfer before sending it to OSP for their signature.


- If the salary transaction is moved within the month of the transaction originally posting, then this is considered a Simple Reclassification and the Department Grant Manager or Finance Center only needs to sign the Wage Transfer before sending it to OSP for their signature.


- OSP always signs the Wage Transfer if a PTA Account is involved.


• Once the Wage Transfer has been signed by the PI, Department Grant Manager or the Finance Center depending on the scenario, a PDF copy of the Wage Transfer can be emailed to the OSP Sponsored Research Manager to review and approve.


• After OSP approves the Wage Transfer, a PDF copy of the fully approved Wage Transfer is emailed to the appropriate Finance Center for processing.


• If the Wage Transfer Form does not involve a PTA Account, the form does not need to be sent to OSP for their signature.


Please contact your schools Finance Center if you have specific payroll questions.


Wage Transfer Form

Last Updated: 1/7/14