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Office of Sponsored Projects

Hinman Box 6210
11 Rope Ferry Road #6210
Hanover, NH 03755
Phone: 603-646-3007
Fax: 603-646-3670

What Is OGA?

Oracle Grants Accounting (OGA) is a new financial system specifically designed to address the unique reporting and management needs of sponsored projects.


OGA provides a number of benefits to end users including:

  • Improvement of current reporting and compliance capabilities
  • Centralization of data for grant financial reporting
  • Capturing data on a project year basis
  • Flexibility to track and report on different project funding options
  • Tighter controls around grant expenses

What Changed

OGA enhances the current technology and business process that support grants at the College.

Previously July 2007 and beyond
2-segment FAS account used for purchasing 5-segment PTAEO account string will now be used for purchase transactions
Financial and non-financial reporting occurs in multiple systems and data is then combined in Excel Single system of record used to maintain data and conduct reporting
Minimal expense controls Flexible option for controlling expenditures including limiting types of expenses that can be charged, preventing charges for expired grants and monitoring spending against overspent accounts
Billing performed manually Integrated and automated billing system for sponsored projects
FAS utilizes only fiscal year data OGA captures data on a project year basis
Limited flexibility to track and report on project funding Flexibility to track and report on multiple projects funded by a single award as well as single or multiple projects funded by multiple funding sources

Additional Information

  • Description of the PTAEO string on the Chart of Accounts page at the old OASIS site (this page will soon redirect to OSP).

Who Is Impacted?

The implementation of OGA affects various end users across the College including:

  • Office of Sponsored Projects (OSP)
  • Grant Managers
  • Fiscal Officers

Last Updated: 10/21/09