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Office of Sponsored Projects

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COEUS® - Dartmouth's Grant Management System

Dartmouth's proposal/award management database is currently available in Version 4.3.3.

coeusIn addition to a wider scope of search options, data sorting, and more detailed report formatting, COEUS® 4.3.3 now includes the ability to:

  1. Attach documents to award records;
  2. Group award transactions under notification type, date, and comments; and
  3. Support for multiple-PIs and Calendar-vs.-Academic Year Effort.

COEUS® retrieves information on Development Proposals, Institute Proposals and Awards, while a relational module called Medusa charts the connections among all three.

COEUS® was originally developed by our colleagues at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Today more than 40 major academic research institutions make use of this dynamic system. Dartmouth has been a member of the COEUS® consortium since its inception in 2006.

NOTE: Coeus will require Java 1.7.0_09 beginning March 4, 2015

On March 4, 2015 the Coeus environment will be updated so that users will have to force the use of Java 1.7.0_09 to launch. This change is required because of other non-Coeus updates on the server that runs Coeus. Instructions for setting Firefox to launch Coeus have been updated. While this change will be required to run Coeus on March 4, users can make this change at any time between now and then.

Unable to Launch Application

Are you receiving a message that you are Unable to Launch Application when you try to open Coeus? See instructions on clearing your Java cache here.

Installing and Launching Coeus

Follow the instructions below to install COEUS® and refer to the log-in and training information for basic guidance in using the various modules.


Contact the Office of Sponsored Projects COEUS Team to request user access privileges. After you are enabled, select one of the following two options to install:

  • OPTION 1: If you would like someone from our team to install COEUS® onto your system, please email the Coeus Team.
  • OPTION 2: If you (or your local computer support) would prefer to install COEUS® on your own, click here for detailed instructions.

Logging into COEUS

Once installed, COEUS® will launch a log-in window. Enter your sign-on name and password as it normally appears in the DND registry. The log-on is case sensitive

Another security caveat to the sign-on procedure is that, unlike Kerberos, COEUS® will not retain your sign-on name after you exit – it will be necessary to fully enter your entire sign-on name and password each time.

  • Click here to download a pdf version of the log-in instructions.
  • Click here to access a full Flash animation describing the log-in procedure.
    (You will need Flash animation to view the above tutorial, and it is best viewed with your browser window fully maximized.)


COEUS® tutorials and refresher sessions are always available; contact the Office of Sponsored Projects Coeus Help team to schedule a session or sign up for a class. The current COEUS® instruction manual be accessed here (pdf).

Last Updated: 2/25/15