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May 2003

Dartmouth researchers were awarded $10.7 million during May, including $2.6 million in new and competing awards. Among the recipients of recent new and competing grants, as reported by the Office of Sponsored Projects:

Baker, I. - Thayer School

  • National Science Foundation
  • "An SGER Study of a B.C.C./B2 Superalloy"

Birnie, R. - Earth Sciences
Lotko, W. - Thayer School
Pavone, M. - Women in Science Project
Rus. D. - Computer Science
Thorstensen, J - Physics & Astronomy

  • University of New Hampshire
  • "New Hampshire Space Grant Consortium"

Chaboyer, B. - Physics & Astronomy

  • National Science Foundation
  • "Collaborative Research: New Standard Stellar Population Models"
  • 3-Year Award

Coburn, K. - Office of Continuing Medical Education

  • American Cancer Society
  • "Dartmouth Medical School, College and Lebanon High Tobacco Prevention Mentoring Program"

Dehghani, H. - Thayer School

  • Department of Defense
  • "Three Dimensional Reconstruction Algorithm for Imaging Pathophysiological Signals within Breast Tissue Using Near Infrared Light"
  • 3-Year Award

Donnelly, C. - Psychiatry

  • Pfizer Inc.
  • "Sertraline in Children & Adolescents with PTSD"

Dunlap, J. - Genetics

  • National Institute of General Medical Sciences
  • "Genetic and Molecular Dissection of the Neurospora Clock"
  • 5-Year Award

Fall, L. and Berman, N. - Pediatrics

  • Health Resources and Services Administration
  • "Predoctoral Training in Primary Care"
  • 3-Year Award

Handy, T. - Psychological and Brain Sciences

  • National Institute of Mental Health
  • "Spatial Attention in Visuomotor Processing"
  • 2-Year Award

Hoopes, P. and Bergeron, J. - Surgery

  • ThermalVision Incorporated
  • "Commercialization of Microwave Thermo Keratoplasty Safety Study"

Kaufman, P. - Medicine

  • Aventis Pharmaceuticals Incorporated
  • "A Phase II Multicenter open label Non-Randomized Study of RPR 109881A Given as a One-Hour Infusion at 90mg/m2 Every 3 Weeks to Female Patients with Metastatic Breast Cancer"

Perez, R. - Medicine

  • Pro-Pharmaceuticals Incorporated
  • "Phase I Open-Label Study to Evaluate the Safety and Tolerability in Escalating Doses of Davanat"

Petrenko, V. - Thayer School

  • Dept. of Defense, Army Research Office
  • "In-Situ Study of Physical Properties and Structure of Atmospheric Ice"
  • 3-Year Award

Pogue, B. - Thayer School

  • Aurora Optics, Inc.
  • "Tissue Response Dosimetry for Photodynamic Therapy"

Rigas, J. - Medicine

  • Genentech Inc.
  • "OSI-774 Plus Chemo vs Chemo NSCLC"
  • Pfizer Inc.
  • "A Phase I Randomized Non Comparative, Phase II Multicenter Open Label Trial of CP-547, 632 in Combo w/ Paclitaxel & Carboplantin"

Samwick, A. - Economics

  • Executive Office of the President/Council of Economic Advisers
  • "CEA Assignment Agreement"

Speck, N. - Biochemistry

  • National Institute of General Medical Sciences
  • "Biochemistry and Molecular Biology of Protein Complexes"
  • 5-Year Award

Sporn, M. - Pharmacology & Toxicology

  • National Institutes of Health
  • "Chemoprevention of Estrogen Receptor-Negative Breast Cancer"
  • 5-Year Award

Stashwick, C. - Pediatrics

  • National Children's Alliance
  • "Child Abuse Training"

Weinstein, J. - Surgery

  • National Inst. of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal and Skin Disease
  • "Orthopaedic Resident Clinician/Researcher Program"
  • 5-Year Award

Award commitment from the sponsoring agency is for a single year unless otherwise indicated.

Last Updated: 10/1/09