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Telephone, Video, and Ethernet Services Introduction

A number of years ago, Dartmouth College became a provider of Ethernet, telephone and cable services for the entire campus.  These services are now provided through the Network Services Department and are purchased by ORL for residential students.

Telephone Information:

If you are assigned to live in one of the following buildings, you should not bring your own telephone to campus. These buildings provide telephone service over the Ethernet in the building and use special VoIP telephones. These telephones are supplied by the College and should be waiting for you when you arrive. There is one telephone per single, double, triple, or quad. The assigned telephone number and voice mail box is shared by all of the students living in the room. These VoIP telephones are installed in a dedicated Ethernet jack in each room; and, if needed, there is an Ethernet jack on the back of the phone in which you can plug your computer. In rooms with multiple Ethernet jacks, the phone will not work in any other jack and the cable that attaches the phone to the wall jack is locked in place at both the wall and the phone ends.  Removing this cable from either end may do damage to the wall jack or the telephone, for which you would be responsible. 

Alpha Chi Alpha

Byrne II

Kappa Kappa Gamma

Alpha Phi


Ledyard Apartments

Alpha Xi Delta

Delta Delta Delta



Epsilon Kappa Theta




New Hampshire








Kappa Delta Epsilon 


If you have questions about telephone service, call Network Services at 603-646-2300.  To report problems, please contact

Cellular Telephones

Dartmouth College does not provide cellular telephone services.  Many students choose to use cellular telephones to communicate with individuals on campus as well as with family and friends who may reside many miles away.  If you desire cellular telephone service, your choices are to come to campus with a cellular program from your home area or purchase a program in the Hanover area from a local cellular service provider.

Television and DarTV Information:

Dartmouth College's cable TV system provides a digital signal over the College's broadband Ethernet system (DarTV).  The two cable options available to Dartmouth students are:

  • The first option is to log onto the DarTV web site at (only while on the Dartmouth Network). This will launch VideoFurnace, a small application that will allow you to watch the College's DarTV network on your computer screen. You can size the picture to be full screen or very small, depending on what else you are doing on your computer.
  • The second option has a price tag. It is possible to bring a normal television to campus (initial cost) and to rent a digital converter box from the Computer Store (ongoing cost at $10/month), which allows you to send the converted VideoFurnace digital signal directly into your television. While this option is possible, we encourage you to come to campus and try out the VideoFurnace option first, saving yourself lugging a large television to campus and the added expense of leasing a digital converter box.

If you have further questions about the College's DarTV system go to or contact the Help Desk at Help@Dartmouth.EDU.  You may also wish to visit our page containing Frequently Asked Questions about Digital Converter Boxes.


Last Updated: 7/10/12