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Residential Services

All student rooms contain a twin bed, wooden desk, desk chair, dresser and bookcase for each student, and a closet or wardrobe. Other features in each room include local and domestic long distance telephone service, computer ports with Ethernet connections, and access to approximately 60 television channels.

General cluster amenities include a common kitchen, and study and lounge spaces. Each cluster has an ice machine and a microwave, both of which are usually found in the kitchen. The clusters also have at least one lounge that contains a television and VCR. Many also have a piano for students to play. The common spaces and amenities are for all community residents to use. These spaces can be used for private studying or get-togethers, as well as for community programs sponsored by the community student staff or other College organizations.

Additional services and items in individual residential buildings include vending machines containing snacks and beverages, coin/card swipe laundry services, public phones, and recycling areas. Recycling bins are located in every residence hall, and students are encouraged to make recycling practices a regular part of their daily routines. A custodial staff of over 45 people provides general upkeep and maintenance of building common areas and public and private bathroom facilities. In most instances there is one custodian assigned to a building on a permanent basis. In addition to cleaning and general maintenance, the custodial staff will report larger maintenance issues and uphold College housing standards. The custodial staff is a valuable and helpful resource for the students.

Services Available to All Residential Students

  • Three types of storage
    • bicycle
    • controlled storage
    • trunk room
  • Vacuums
    • central vacuum systems in most halls
    • portable machines supplied by ORL in other halls
  • Sound Proofing Boards
  • Bed Boards for those who prefer firm mattresses
  • Cot and extra mattress for guest
  • BBQ Grills at each cluster Residential Services

Storage. There are three types of storage available: for bicycles and skis, long term for valuables, and short term for trunks.

Custodial Services. Custodial services are provided to every residence hall, special interest and academic affinity program unit, and College-owned undergraduate and senior societies, fraternity, and sorority house. The duties of the custodial staff are to keep the common living areas clean, provide routine maintenance, empty trash, and otherwise keep buildings up to College standards. It is not a custodian's job to clean a student's room or excessive messes left in common areas.

Heat. The heating system in the residence halls does not include thermostats in every room. Since the temperature cannot be adjusted without affecting many rooms within a building, some rooms will be cooler or warmer than others. College energy guidelines direct that the College attempt, within limitations of the physical plant, to maintain a temperature of between 65 and 68 degrees Fahrenheit during the heating season. The heating season generally runs from November through April.

Vacuum. A central vacuum system exists in most residence halls. The hose can be accessed at all times; ask your custodian for its location. Portable vacuums are available in buildings that don't have a central system.

Ice and Vending Machines. In most residence halls, ice machines, and machines vending snacks and beverages are located in common areas or on the ground or first floor.

Television. Television service is supplied by the College to each resident in College-owned facilities, as well as to many common area television lounges. Problems with the campus television system should be reported by e-mailing the Help Desk or calling (603) 646-2999. Please click here to see additional information about the television system. The channel line-up is subject to change.

Kitchens and Lockers. Kitchens with food storage lockers are available for student use in every cluster and most independent halls. The kitchens are equipped with full-size refrigerators, stoves, and microwave ovens. Students are expected to clean up after each use. All food must be kept in closed containers, and garbage disposed of immediately. Problems should be reported to the custodian.

Kitchen locker keys are available to residence hall occupants, on a first-come, first-served basis, beginning on the first day of classes each term. Only one kitchen locker key will be issued to a student. Students must present photo identification in order to receive a kitchen locker key.  Kitchen locker keys must be returned to the Housing Office or one of the remote key return sites located in the Hopkins Center, McLane, Brown, Brace Commons, Butterfield/RS-Hyphen, North Mass, Streeter, Mid Fayer, Woodward, Topliff, The Lodge and Wheeler or the Department of Safety and Security. Failure to return the kitchen key in accordance with the End-of-Term-Closing Procedures will result in a $20 replacement charge.

Laundry Facilities.  A laundry room is available for student use on the ground or first floor of each residence hall cluster, academic affinity, special interest and College-owned undergraduate society or Greek letter organization house. Washers and dryers can be used 24 hours a day. The cost is $1.25 to wash and $1.25 to dry and can be paid for with quarters and/or Dartmouth Card.  Click here for washing machine and dryer instructions and other laundry tips.

Mattresses. Mattresses are 36 x 80 inches long and use extra-long twin sheets. If one appears to be damaged or defective, please contact Business and Operations at (603) 646-1203.

Bed Boards. For students who need firmer mattresses, bed boards are available from the Business and Operations Office, located in the basement of North Massachusetts Hall, for a refundable $30 deposit.

Cots and Extra Mattresses. Students' guests can sleep in relative comfort, at no cost, on cots or cot mattresses. A two-night loan can be arranged at the Business and Operations Office located in the basement of North Massachusetts Hall.

Sound Boards. In a few cases, where adjacent rooms were once part of the same suite, noise may penetrate a formerly shared door. Placement of a sound board can help alleviate the problem. A sound board may be requested through the Business and Operations Office, located in the basement of North Massachusetts. There is no charge for this service.

Recycling. Recycling bins are located in every residence hall, and students are expected to make recycling practices a regular part of their daily routines.

Additional policies and procedures governing the use and allocation of residential services can be found in the College Residence Policies and Terms.

Last Updated: 9/2/16