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Reporting maintenance needs in College-owned undergraduate housing facilities

Students living in undergraduate housing that is maintained by the Residential Life Operations Office can report all general maintenance needs by calling the Business and Operations Office at 603-646-1203 during regular business hours (8am-4:30pm, M-F).  You can also report "Non-Emergency" maintenance needs by emailing Residential Operations.

Emergencies or maintenance needs that cannot wait until the next business day can be reported to the College Troubleshooters at 603-646-2344 during evenings and on weekends (from Friday at 4:30pm until Monday at 7:30am).  If you cannot reach a person when you call this number, please call Safety and Security at 603-646-4000.

Examples of maintenance emergencies needing immediate attention: Toilet overflowing, radiator leaking, or water flowing anywhere that it should not, no heat, the smoke detector in your room going off for no apparent reason, smoke detector going off in someone else's room, no power in your room, no hot water, shattered windows.

Examples of maintenance non-emergencies that don't require immediate attention but may not be able to wait for the next business day: Only light in room out, no hot water, no water, missing or broken window shade, banging pipes keeping you awake, broken door lock.

Examples of maintenance non-emergencies that can wait until the next business day: light out in room but there are other lights working, light in room flickering, you would like the temperature in your room checked for either too hot or too cold, but you have heat, wireless is not working in your room or data jack or phone not working in your room (, microwave oven in kitchen not working, areas of your building not being cleaned properly.

Last Updated: 9/2/16