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Heat Control in Hitchcock Hall

Hitchcock Hall has a circulating hot water system utilizing flat panel hot water radiators located under the windows. Each student room has a thermostat very similar to what you may be accustomed to at home. You can adjust this thermostat, but there is a limited heating range of 64°F to 69°F. If you are too hot or too cold and cannot adjust this thermostat beyond these pre-set limits, call the ORL Operations Office at 6-1203 during normal business hours, 8:00 a.m until 4:30 PM, Monday through Friday. Report the problem and we will send someone to your room to check it with a digital thermometer. If it is found that the heat is below 64°F or above 69°F, we will call Facilities, Operations and Management and ask them to send someone to correct the problem. After business hours and on weekends, you may call 6-2344 to report heating problems.

If you have any questions, blitz Residential Operations, or call the Residential Operations Office at 646-1203.


Last Updated: 9/2/16