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Step 3.  Meet with Your Community Director


Please meet with your Community Director between February 11 and March 7th (for candidates on campus Winter 2014) or between April 1st and April 9 (for candidates off in the Winter but on in the Spring 2014). We encourage you to schedule and complete this meeting with your CD as early as possible within the given time frames.

(Note: If you are not currently a UGA, you should meet with your most recent Community Director. If that person is no longer at Dartmouth, please blitz UGA Selection as soon as possible and we well schedule a meeting with another CD.)

The purpose of this meeting will be to discuss why you would like to return, your ability to fulfill the expectations that we have of returning UGAs, and where you would be best placed if you are hired. Together, you and your CD will consider if returning is the best option for you in the coming year, or if you would be better served pursuing other leadership opportunities on campus.

Your candidacy as a returner will be assessed based on several factors, including:

    1. Your current (or most recent) performance in the UGA position.
    2. Your potential for fulfilling the expectations that we have of returning UGAs.
    3. Your motivation for returning to the UGA position.
    4. Your potential for growth and development in the UGA position.
    5. Your ability to maintain a positive attitude and remain dedicated and engaged in all aspects of the UGA position.

The following questions will be starting points in your discussion. You may submit your answers to these questions to your CD in written format if you wish, but there is no requirement to do so. Additional questions/topics will be discussed during the meeting, including your performance in the UGA position.

1. What community would you like to work in and what would you focus on if you were hired and placed in this community?

2. What is the most valuable lesson that you have learned this year as a UGA?

3. What else should we consider in your candidacy and placement for next year?

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Last Updated: 12/19/13