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Returning Undergraduate Advisors

Welcome to the RETURNING UGA selection process. If you have been a UGA before, please follow the steps below to apply for a UGA position for the 2014-2015 academic year. Follow the link for each step to ensure you fully complete the application process.

Step 1.    

Review Important Information

Step 2.

Complete the Online Application

Step 3.

Meet with Your Community Director (or former CD if not currently on staff)

Step 4.

If Directed--Meet with a Senior Staff Member (Director or Associate Director)

Step 5. If interested in an Affinity or Special Program UGA placement, complete this step

Note: People wishing to apply as returning UGAs must have served at least one term as a UGA in this academic year or the previous academic year.

If you have not served as a UGA in the current or previous academic year, please complete the new UGA application.

If a candidate or returning UGA declines an offer of a UGA position for reasons outside of the list below, they must reapply as a new UGA candidate.
  • Emergencies of family or health
  • Academic Conflict (D-plan Related)

This list is subject to revision by the selection committee. If you have questions about this or would like to request an exception to this policy please contact


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Last Updated: 1/28/14