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Residential Education Staff/Contact Us

We are responsible for hall programs and student staff selection, training, and evaluation. We provide counseling, advising, and mediation & referral resources for all students in residence. We conduct diversity, education, and outreach initiatives.

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  • Director of Residential Education - Mike Wooten
  • Associate Director of Residential Education - Jeff DeWitt
  • Assistant Director for Living Learning and Academic
  • Administrative Assistant - Lorraine Bosse
  • Community Director -- Fayerweathers/Richardson/Wheeler/Ripley/Woodward/Smith - Amy Hotsko
  • Community Director -- East Wheelock (Andres/McCulloch/Morton/Zimmerman) - Josiah Proietti
  • Community Director -- Affinities/New Hampshire/Maxwell/Topliff/Lodge - Steven King
  • Community Director -- Massachusetts Row, Hitchcock and the Gold Coast - Christina Colasanto
  • Community Director -- McLaughlin Cluster (Berry/Bildner/Byrne II/Goldstein/Rauner/Thomas) - Rame Hanna
  • Community Director -- Choates (Bissell/Brown/Cohen/Little) - Dan Smith
  • Community Director -- Russell Sage Cluster (Butterfield/Fahey/McLane/Russell Sage) - Darby Wiggins
  • Community Director -- River Cluster (French/Judge/Maxwell/Channing Cox)- Katharina Daub
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Last Updated: 4/17/14