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Other Programs

Cluster Sponsorships

The Office of Residential Life is fortunate to benefit from annual class gifts made to several of our residential communities. Currently, two residential communities have been adopted by the Classes of 1957 (Ripley/Woodward/Smith) and 1961 (The Fayerweathers). Each year student programming and/or building amenities are augmented by alumni gifts.

Environmentally Friendly Programs

The Save Power And Reduce Costs (SPARC) program began in 1998. Three times a year, an assessment is made of the amount of energy saved by each residential community. A portion of those savings is returned to the community where the residents then decide how the money should be allocated.

We also promote environmental responsibility through a partnership with the student-managed Environmental Conservation Organization (ECO). Each residential community has a student ECO representative who coordinates the recycling program for their hall and teaches residents about other conservation measures. To contact the program, Blitz ECO or contact your cluster or floor ECO representative.

Last Updated: 1/21/09