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Residential Education Social Justice Advisory Board (RESJAB)

Fostering environments and communities that are inclusive of diverse perspectives and experiences is a core value of Residential Education. The residence halls, where we live in community, are key places for students to learn and develop in this area. We believe that the diversity of our residential communities is one of the most valuable qualities of the residential experience and is an essential element of a liberal arts education. We encourage residents to strive to make this diversity of experiences and backgrounds a deliberate and central part of their learning and development process.

We hope that residents will stretch beyond their comfort zones to pursue meaningful interactions across difference. In support of this effort, the Residential Education Social Justice Advisory Board (RESJAB) provides programming funds for which residents (or UGAs collaborating with residents, including organizations) can apply to promote dialogue and engagement centered around diversity, inclusivity and social justice. This advisory board is currently composed of members of Residential Education’s student and professional staff. RESJAB aims to provide a values-based lens to the residential experience and to support residential programs focused on social justice, inclusion, and diversity; programs that promote students making meaning of their experiences, and explore individuals’ stories and values. Through these student-initiated programs, we seek to encourage the development of communities that are conscientious of and learning fromtheir diverse experiences, perspectives, and values.

NOTE: "Diversity" includes but is not limited to: gender, ethnicity, individual perspectives/experiences, sexuality, race, ability, socio-economic status, etc.

OUR Dartmouth. OUR Home. Campaign

In an effort to provide space for community members' voices and perspectives Residential Education’s Social Justice Advisory Board (RESJAB) is organizing an OUR Dartmouth. OUR Home. campaign which will promote students, staff & faculty sharing their stories, experiences and visions for our campus, community and residential halls. This poster campaign aims to prompt thought and reflection, while showing support and commitment to our community and its continual improvement. Statements/questions can be as serious, light, personal and/or inspirational as you'd like.

Please help spread the word and consider submitting a statement, question, vision, etc. as a organization, department or team.

Share your experience, a quote, a hope, a question and/or respond to one of these prompts:

  • “Our Dartmouth can…”
  • “Our Dartmouth will…”
  • “Our home should be/is…”
  • "We strive for our Dartmouth to…"
  • “Our community could be/is…”
  • “Our Dartmouth could be…. That’s why I will…”

Reflect on your experiences with or thoughts related to spirituality, faith, race, radical hospitality, socioeconomic status, sense of belonging, ethnicity, class, gender identity/expression, sexual orientation, sense of community, etc.

What does OUR Dartmouth look like to you? What could it look like? Please email us at OURDartmouthOURHome@gmail.comwith your text and optional picture (w/ a white background). Please note text may also be posted online (names and pictures will not be shared).

Also, check the RESJAB website for times and locations of upcoming campus sharing stations. Please email with any questions .

~ ~ Individual and group submissions are welcome. ~ ~

Thank you very much!

Last Updated: 2/27/13