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Office of Residential Life - Posting Guidelines

Policy for Posting in the Residence Halls:

A complete listing of the College Residence Policies and Terms appears on the Office of Residential Life web page and in Welcome Home.  The posting policy is stated as follows:

All notices and signs posted in College owned or operated residential facilities must clearly state the name of the responsible organization and must be posted only on designated bulletin boards.

  • No such notices or signs may be placed on interior or exterior walls, windows, doors, or elevators.
  • Any such signs and posters that are not in compliance with these regulations will be removed, and the responsible organization will be fined $25 and charged the cost of any necessary repairs. (III. 7)

The placement of advertising is allowed on designated first floor bulletin boards only.  Advertising placed on any building or unauthorized location will be removed by residence hall staff and charges for the cost of any repairs will be assessed. (III. 9)

Posting For Yourself:

Offices and organizations may post flyers on common bulletin boards in the residence halls/houses. These are generally located in the entryway to each residence hall/house.  Entry to the buildings for this purpose should be done only by individuals who have already been given card access.  Items posted by Residential Life staff should not be covered or removed.

Posting Through Residential Education:

To help make residents aware of events and opportunities on campus, Residential Education staff may post certain posters and flyers.  These must be approved by Residential Education.  To obtain approval, contact Residential Education at Robinson Hall, rm 319.  Certain parameters will be considered in the approval process.  Examples include:

  • Posters should clearly state the name of the responsible organization/department.
  • We will not approve posters that concern selling and/or solicitation.
  • We will not approve posters that violate or encourage violation of the law, or of any ORL or College standards.
  • We may choose not to approve posters that have no end date and/or are meant to be posted on a standing basis. 
  • We reserve the right not to approve items that fall outside the parameters of typical posters or flyers, such as three-dimensional objects, posters that are larger than the standard size, posters that are made of non-paper products, etc. 
  • Please note that we do not guarantee that each poster or flyer will be posted.  Posting is subject to space availability at time of submission.

 Approved posters should be delivered to Residential Education (Robinson Hall, rm. 319).  The following conditions will promote proper delivery and distribution:

  • Posters should be delivered to the Residential Education office (Robinson Hall, rm. 319), no later then 7 working days prior to the event being advertised.  (If you would like your posters up for some time before the event, please get them to us earlier.)
  • Posters must be arranged in packets before delivery.
  • For summer term, you will need 26 total posters, delivered in one packet.

Please assemble them in separate, labeled packets (specific numbers for each group as follows): 

  • Living Learning Community Houses  - 8
  • Senior Apartments - 9
  • Choates First Year Community - 13
  • River First Year Community - 8
  • Fayerweathers, Wheeler, Richardson First Year Community - 15
  • McLaughlin - 15
  • South House - 11
  • East Wheelock House - 16
  • Allen House - 6
  • School House - 18
  • West House - 16
  • North Park House - 12

Last Updated: 10/10/16