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Introduction: Living at Dartmouth

Our residential communities are places where residents have an opportunity to meet and form connections with fellow students - where one might spend late nights sitting in the hallway and talking with friends or in a lounge studying with classmates. Through these interactions, our hope is that residents will develop lifelong friendships and will be encouraged to grow and learn about themselves and others. The Residential Education staff is made up of active, enthusiastic, and committed community members, who strive to work with each resident and other members of the campus community to make each hall feel like home.

In order for the residential communities to thrive, every resident needs to be involved. This involvement can take many different forms: attendance at programs, going to a floor member's soccer game, helping to organize an event, or other interactions which engage residents with others in their community in positive ways. Each residential community is a collective effort of the staff and the residents - a place where everyone can live and learn together. It is a place for residents to develop leadership skills, engage in stimulating discussions, learn from others in a multicultural context, and of course, have fun!

An important principle guiding community life is for individual freedom and needs to be balanced with the needs of others in the community. One way we promote this is by fostering a culture of accountability -- one which fosters students' ability to clearly articulate their needs and then join together to work for mutual solutions. This approach can have a transformational impact on each resident, and collectively upon life at Dartmouth. The goal is for residents to leave here having developed the skills and experiences needed to be successful in our increasingly complex society.

Each residential cluster has a staff comprised of professionals and students whose primary purpose is to work with the residents to create a thriving residential community. Cluster staff includes a Community Director, a group of Undergraduate Advisors, and a Graduate Advisor.

Last Updated: 1/21/09