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Faculty Engagement and Faculty SIPS Programming Proposal

Please submit this form at least one week prior to your proposed event. If less notice is provided, there may be insufficient time to approve the event.

** All fields must be complete in order for your proposal to be considered. **

Organizer Information

Program Information

Program Title:

Date and Time of Program:

Location of Program:

Target Audience (select one):

The goal of the faculty engagement initiative is that as a result of a program, participants will increase their comfort level in accessing faculty. How will your program meet this goal?

Name of Faculty Involved:

Brief Description (what will happen, speakers, etc.):

What is your plan for advertising your event?

Estimated cost and cost breakdown (amount for transportation, tickets, etc):

Did you receive money from other sources? Yes No
If yes, how much and from whom?

Do you have confirmed College-approved drivers? Yes No
If yes, their names are?

Proposal Conditions and Submission

By submitting this proposal I am agreeing to utilize the resources allocated for this event in the ways identified in the FSIPS proposal. I understand that failure to do so will result in disciplinary action. I also agree to distribute and college participant evaluations forms to students attending the program.

After hitting the "Submit Proposal" button, you will receive a confirmation email with your proposal information.

If you do not receive a confirmation email, we have not received your proposal. Please contact your Community Director so s/he can work with you to get your proposal submitted.

Last Updated: 9/1/16