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About the East Wheelock Cluster

The East Wheelock Cluster furthers an environment in which learning takes place as much in residence facilities as in classrooms, and in which students and faculty come closer together...

M. Lee Pelton, Former Dean of the College

Dartmouth is a community of accomplished faculty and talented students dedicated to learning. We recognize that an individual's social and intellectual life are not mutually exclusive experiences, but rather experiences that demand integration in a dynamic, student-directed environment.

Dartmouth designed a residential option in support of these learning principles that incorporates a broad range of educational and social programs designed to foster closer interaction between faculty and students. Since 1996, the East Wheelock Cluster has been the site for this residential experience. The Cluster includes 314 students residing in five distinct buildings: Andres, McCulloch, Morton, and Zimmerman Halls and the Ledyard Apartments. The goals of the East Wheelock Program include:


  1. Establishing an intellectually vibrant community.
  2. Establishing a culturally diverse community.
  3. Establishing an educational experience that expands beyond the classroom.
  4. Fostering life-long learning.
  5. Fostering responsible global citizenship.


The East Wheelock Cluster includes a private residence for the Cluster Faculty Director, who shares responsibility for those activities designed to foster student and faculty interaction.

The Faculty Director's programming budget supports dinner discussions with prominent national scholars and artists, small musical and dramatic productions, and other such programs. The Director also enlists members of the faculty to serve as faculty affiliates in order to help coordinate guest lectures and discussions in the cluster as well as provide advice and counsel for students outside the classroom.

East Wheelock Group


Professor Susan Brison has served as the Faculty Director since 2006.

The Dean provides academic and personal advising, the new Dean for East Wheelock will be announced soon. Community Director Josiah Proietti assists the Faculty Director and the Dean in designing residential life programs for the cluster and supervises the undergraduate advisors (student peer advisors), the Cluster Council, and the Service Corps.

Residential Faculty Fellows Noelia Cirnigliaro and Sebastián Díaz-Duhalde reside near the cluster and help coordinate student programs with faculty members.

Administrative Assistant Ann Fenton works half-time.  She sends announcements of events to Cluster residents.

The Community Director, the Dean and the Administrative Assistant keep office hours in Brace Commons offices.


One of the things that first drew me to Dartmouth was its sense of community. The East Wheelock Cluster personifies a space where people from diverse backgrounds and circumstances come together to form a new kind of community - based not on alikeness, or similar interest, but rather on the desire to live and learn from others and to be free to express themselves and their unique ideas.

Laura Mantell, East Wheelock Resident

Former Faculty Associates:

Professors Tom Luxon and Ivy Schweitzer: 2001-2006

Dean Martin Redman: 1999-2001

Professor Cleopatra Mathis: 1997-1999

Professors Leo Spitzer and Marianne Hirsch: 1996-1997

Last Updated: 2/13/14