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Winter & Spring Housing

The housing assignment processes for winter and spring terms are identical. For these two terms, students must apply using the housing application on BannerStudent. There is usually no waitlist and there is no room draw process for these terms. Students in housing during fall or winter terms who are enrolled for the upcoming term do not need to apply for housing in order to keep their rooms. Housing assignments for the fall or winter term automatically carry over for the next term if the students D-plan is an “R” at the time of that term’s housing application deadline.

Because the majority of students remain in the same room for the consecutive terms in which they are enrolled, most of the spaces that become available for winter and spring assignments are those that are vacated by students who leave campus after fall or winter term. As a result, the majority of applicants will fill individual vacancies in double or triple rooms. Though single rooms are the most commonly requested room type, depending upon the number of singles available in your House Community, you should be prepared to receive an assignment to a double/triple/quad (not all room types are available in all House Communities).

Important Winter & Spring Housing Dates

October 3, 2016

Winter 2017 Living Learning Community Application deadline

October 17, 2016

Winter 2017 Housing Application deadline

November 14, 2016

Winter 2017 Cancellation deadline

January 2, 2017

Residence halls open for winter term at 9 AM


Spring 2017 Living Learning Community Application deadline

February 13, 2017

Spring 2017 Housing Application deadline

March 6, 2017 (tent)

Spring 2017 Cancellation deadline

Application Process

For winter and spring terms students must apply using the application on BannerStudent. The application on BannerStudent guides the applicant through a number of housing options and questions. It is important that students review the information carefully to make sure they are able to take advantage of the options that are available.

In order for the Undergraduate Housing Office to assign applicants to the spaces that most closely match their preferences, it is important that the applicant list as many alternatives as possible on the application. If a student provides few choices on the housing application and their preference is unavailable (i.e. applicant only lists single room and we no longer have single rooms to assign), he or she will be assigned to a remaining space in a double, triple or quad.

If you are having a difficult time opening the spring housing application on Housing StarPortal, please try clearing your cookies:

  • Internet Explorer Users: click on "Tools" then select "Internet Options." You should see a button either labeled "Delete Cookies" or directing you to a new window where you can do so.   Click on the appropriate button to delete cookies and try the housing application again.
  • Mozilla Users: Click on "Tools" then select "Options" then "Privacy."  In the box below, look for the "Cookies" label or "Show Cookies."  Click on it, then click on "Remove All Cookies" before trying the housing application again.

If you are still unable to access the application, please contact the Undergraduate Housing Office before the application deadline at (603) 646-3093 to complete the application over the phone.

Please note that if an applicant is on the roster for a Greek or Society House, requests a pull-in, or indicates they wish to live in a Living learning CommunityProgram, that will be considered their first choice housing preference.

Assignment Process

After the deadline,those accepted to LLC's are assigned to available spaces in their programs and assignments within each House Community are made for those who applied and are approved for housing for a medical and/or disability related need.  Once those assignments are made the remaining applications are processed in priority number order within each House Community.  Every effort is made to place students who apply for on-campus housing with the roommate(s) and in the room types that they request, but this becomes difficult because the volume and variety of available space is limited. An applicant whose room type is unavailable will be placed in an open space using their hall preference as a guide, when possible. If an applicant’s roommate preference is not available, the student will be assigned to an open spot in the same room type preference, if available, unless a note in the comments section of the application requests otherwise.  

When applying to live in an LLC or Senior Apartment, roommates may belong to different House Communities.  If you are requesting a pull-in or have a preferred roommate and you are applying to live in you House, all roommates must be fellow members of that community.


Students who wish to be pulled into the room of a friend within the same House Community who will have a vacancy for the winter or spring term should fill out the “pull-in” section on the housing application. In order for the Undergraduate Housing Office to consider this request, the friend pulling the applicant into their room must e-mail the Office of Residential Life to confirm they want the applicant as a roommate. Students cannot be pulled into single rooms, rooms where there is no vacancy, or completely empty rooms.  

Room Change Requests

Students seeking a room change have many options. Students currently on campus who would like a room change for the following term should go to BannerStudent and fill out the relevant term’s housing application by the appropriate deadline, making sure to check on the application that this is a room change request. Room change requests are reviewed, along with all regular applications, by priority number. If the requested room on the room change application is not available, the current term’s assignment will carry over. Students who apply for room changes between terms will be able to check if their room change is approved online at the same time all new assignments are posted.

Students can also seek a room change after the opening of the term. The first step is to meet with the Assistant Director for your House Community to review your situation.  If the AD agrees a room change is worth exploring, students can receive a list of the students within their House Community who have vacancies and/or a list of vacancies within Living Learning Communities.  

Finally, students can seek a room swap after opening. A room swap is a person for person room change with a House Community that occurs during the first half of a term (the deadline is the housing application deadline for the following term). For a room swap to be approved, all affected residents must e-mail their consent to the change to the Undergraduate Housing Office. Once all roommates are heard from, the change can be approved and all involved will receive a confirmation e-mail. Please note that students who went through room draw and were able to choose their roommate(s) for the term must have any room change or room swap approved by the Director of Housing.

Notification of Assignment

Assignments for winter and spring terms will be available on BannerStudent. An email will be sent letting students know how to access their assignment.

Last Updated: 9/27/16