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Summer Housing

Students who apply for summer term housing are accommodated in a manner similar to those who apply for winter or spring term. The major difference is that although the College uses fewer buildings to house students during this term, the majority of the rooms are vacant, so we are better able to accommodate room type preferences and roommate requests. The Undergraduate Housing Office determines which buildings will be open for the summer term during the preceding fall term. Students are eligible to apply for summer term housing at least two terms in advance. The room draw process is not used for summer term.

Only a small number of residence halls, are used to house students enrolled for summer term classes. Some, but not all Living Learning Communities/Affinity Programs are open and all coed, fraternity, sorority, and undergraduate society houses are used for summer term housing, unless otherwise noted.

Students are encouraged to apply early if they plan to be on a leave or off-campus term. The on-line application is available on Banner Student and must be filed by the application deadline, which is in the spring term.

Students are assigned to a room based upon their priority number, and on the information that is provided on the housing application. On-time applicants are assigned first, followed by on-time leave term applicants, and if space is available, late applicants.

Students who cancel a summer term housing assignment before the residence halls open are charged a $500 contract cancellation fee, so only those students who are serious about residing on-campus during the summer should apply. Assignments cannot be cancelled after the summer term residence halls open.

The residence halls being used for summer term 2016 are Hitchcock, New Hampshire, Topliff, Gile, Streeter and Lord.  Gile 4th floor will be substance-free.

Important Summer Term 2016 Dates

May 16, 2016

Summer 2016 Housing Application deadline (April 28th for LLC's)

June 6, 2016

Summer 2016 Housing cancellation deadline

June 21, 2016

Residence halls open for summer term at 8:00 am

August 31, 2016

Residence halls close for summer term at noon

Application and Assignment Processes

Students must apply on BannerStudent, using the Housing Application: StarPortal link. If an applicant is unable to access the application through BannerStudent they should contact the Undergraduate Housing Office before the deadline at (603) 646-3093 to complete the application over the phone.

For summer term, on-time applicants are assigned first, based on their housing priority numbers, followed by on-time leave term applicants, and then all late applicants. Students who live in an open summer building during the preceding spring, or who selected their fall room in a summer term building can request in the web-based application to be assigned to that room for the summer. These requests are honored when possible, but cannot be guaranteed.

Please note that if an applicant requests a pull-in, or indicates he/she wishes to live in a Living Learning Community/Affinity program, or is on a Greek letter organization or undergraduate society house roster, that will be considered their first-choice housing preference, unless otherwise noted in the comments section of the application.

Notification of Assignment

Assignments for summer term will be available on BannerStudent. An e-mail will be sent letting students know how to access their assignment.

Last Updated: 4/18/16