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Room Draw "What ifs . . . "

What if I want to live in a Greek/Co-ed/Society House?

You must appear on your house roster submitted to the Housing Office on April 18, 2016 and you must sign the Greek Housing Contract Rider (on Banner Student) by April 27, 2016. The housing coordinator will assign the spaces and provide our office with the room assignments and contracts. If you do not get a space in a social organization house and one becomes available later, you can change from your residence hall assignment to the house. There is no charge for this move as long as it occurs by the housing cancellation deadline for the term (July 20, 2016 for fall term).

What if my D-Plan changes?

If you select a room during room draw and your enrollment pattern changes from an “R” to an “L” after room draw is completed, we will cancel your assignment and notify you of the change. If you change your D-Plan to an “L” after the end of room draw and before July 20th, a $250 housing cancellation fee will apply.  If you change your D-plan between July 20 and the start of Fall Term 2016 you will be charged the $500 housing cancellation fee. If your D-Plan changes from an “L” to an “R” after Room Draw, you should submit a Fall Waitlist Housing Application, available on BannerStudent starting May 16th.

What if I have a room for the fall, I’m off in the winter, but back on in the spring. Can I return to my fall term room when I come back in the spring?

The vacancy you create when you take a leave for the winter term will not be held for your spring return. If you have a roommate for the fall who is on in the winter and spring, and they pull-in a friend who is off in the spring, then your roommate can pull you back in when you return for the spring. For this to happen, you must apply for spring housing on BannerStudent and request the pull-in, there must be a spring vacancy in the room, and the remaining spring roommate must agree to pull you in by emailing the Housing Office.  The spring housing application deadline is February 13, 2017.

What if I want to live with someone in a different House Community?

If you are chosing a room in your House Community your roommate(s) must be fellow members of your House.  You can live with students from different Houses in LLC programs, the Senior Apartments, Greek housing or off-campus.

What if I’m looking for leave-term housing this fall?

We are not able to offer leave term housing in the fall.

What if my Off-Campus Program acceptance is pending?

As long as your D-Plan is still an “R” at the time of Room Draw, you can select a fall term room. If you are accepted to your Off-Campus Program, then your D-Plan will change and we will cancel your fall term housing. If you select a room with roommates, they will have the option of pulling in a friend.

What if my chosen roommate cancels his/her housing assignment?

If there is another eligible student you would like to have as your roommate, you may request that he/she be assigned to your room. To be eligible, the student you wish to pull-in must either already be in college-owned housing for the fall or on the Waitlist.  All parties must agree to this new assignment before it will be approved.  If you are not able to identify a new roommate, a student seeking fall housing will be assigned to the vacancy and you will be notified by email.

What if I want to change rooms after the fall term begins?

In order for any fall term room change to be approved, you must receive permission from the Director of Housing.

What if I miss my time slot for Room Draw?

Once your time slot has opened up you can pick your room up until 9am the following morning.

What if I want to live in LLC Housing?

Application due date is Wednesday, April 6th.  Students may apply for up to 3 programs and will be accepted into only 1 program.  All LLCs have a commitment requirement.  Applying to one or more programs indicates that living in a LLC is your first choice housing.  Therefore any student accepted by April 29th must go through the LLC Room Draw process.  Students accepted into a LLC will not be eligible for other Room Draw processes.  LLC Room Draw is Wednesday, May 4th.

What if I’m off in the fall term and I am applying for winter housing.  There is no Room Draw for winter housing; how do I apply?

You would apply by using the web-based application, which can be found on BannerStudent. The deadline to apply for winter term housing is October 17, 2016. More information on winter and spring term housing can be found in the Upper Class Housing section of our site.

What if after I choose a room at Room Draw, I decide to live off-campus with some friends and cancel my room assignment. What happens?

If you cancel your housing after the end of room draw and before July 20th, you will be charged a $250 cancellation fee.  Cancellations made after July 20th are subject to a  $500 housing cancellation fee.  Cancellations are not accepted once the residence halls have opened.  Those remaining in your room will likely be assigned new roommates.

What if I want to live with someone from a different class?

Students may select a room with a member of a different class, using the best number in the group to select a room.  This option is available to all students to live with their chosen roommate, not as a way to secure a better room.  Any such manipulation of the priority number system only hurts other students and is not tolerated.

What do I do on BannerStudent?

  • Apply for fall, summer, winter or spring housing
  • See your housing assignment information (including roommates, phone number, room information)

Last Updated: 3/28/16