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Priority Numbers

Students receive a random, computer-generated priority number. Your specific number is available on BannerStudent under the Housing StarPortal. For students enrolled for the fall term who are participating in Room Draw, this number determines their time-slot if they participate in Room Draw. These priority numbers will also determine the order in which housing assignments are made for summer term 2016, fall term 2016, winter term 2017 and spring term 2017.

Rising Seniors: 1001-2400
Rising Juniors: 2401-3800 
Rising Sophomores: 3801-5200

Priority Numbers by House:

Allen House East Wheelock House North Park House
School House South House West House

 Not every priority number is used during Fall Selection, so having number 1101 doesn’t make you the 100th person to select a room.  A list of priority numbers assigned to members of each house (just numbers, no student names) will be available on this page by March 31st.  Keep in mind that even if you are the 200th person in your house, you may not be the 200th person to select a room as House Members ahead of you may not be here for the fall or may be opting to live off-campus, in a senior apartment, Greek House or LLC.

PRIORITY NUMBERS ARE NONTRANSFERABLE – you cannot give your number to a friend if you don’t plan to use yours for the fall.

Manipulation of the priority number system does not hurt the Housing Office but instead cheats your fellow students and is considered a serious infraction. Examples of priority number manipulation include, but are not limited to:

• One student with a "good" number picks a room with a friend and then cancels their housing so the friend can pull someone else with a "bad" number into the room.

• Two students with "bad" numbers want to be roommates so they find two students with "good" numbers who want to live together to instead room with them - the intention being that once fall term begins they will try to do a room swap.

Students who are determined to have manipulated the priority number system face penalties including removal from housing and/or other disciplinary action.


Last Updated: 3/28/16