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Overview of Room Draw

How does fall housing work?

Fall Housing Selection is a series of processes leading up to the General Room Draw.

  1. Living and Learning Communities (including East Wheelock and LLC Houses): Application due date Wednesday, April 8th.  Students may apply for up to 3 programs and will be accepted into only 1 program.  All LLCs have a commitment requirement.  Applying to one or more programs indicates that living in a LLC is your first choice housing.  Therefore any student accepted by April 30th must go through the LLC Room Draw process.  Students accepted into a LLC will not be eligible for other Room Draw processes.  LLC Room Draw is Wednesday, May 6th.
  2. GLOS: Students must work with their house to confirm their space on the house roster.  The final roster is due into the Housing Office on Friday, April 17th.  Students on the roster must sign their contract riders on Banner Student, Housing StarPortal by Friday, May 1st.
  3. Housing for Medical/Disability Needs: Applications and documentation due date is Thursday, April 23rd, decisions and, where applicable, assignments will be made by Friday, May 1st.
  4. Suites & Sex-tet: Students interested in these rooms must form the appropriate sized roommate group by Monday, May 4th.  The Housing Office will notify groups that are eligible (in priority number order) on Tuesday, May 5th.
  5. Apartments/Quads/Sub-Free: Apartments/Quads/Sub-Free Room Draw Thursday, May 7th
  6. Seniors: Senior Room Draw Friday, May 8th
  7. Juniors: Junior Room Draw Saturday, May 9th
  8. Sophomores: Sophomore Room Draw Saturday, May 9th and Monday, May 11th
  9. Waitlist: Application due Monday, June 8th, assignments made in early August.

All students who will be participating in Room Draw must register by Monday, May 4th.  

All students who register and who meet the following criteria will be sent their selection time-slot the day prior to their selection date.

  • CRITERIA: Enrolled for Fall 2015 & Not already housed for the fall
  • Student who are registered but don’t meet the criteria will be notified they are not eligible.

Room Draw uses the BannerStudent, Housing Application: StarPortal site. Registration and Selection are all part of the same application, but sections become available based on date.  The Waitlist application will be available Monday, May 11th.

Time-slots are issued to groups of 20 registered students for an “exclusive” period of time, at which point the next 20 students are given access.

Important Facts About Room Draw

The only students who will be able to select a room through Room Draw are those who register by the deadline, are not already housed through a previous process, and have an “R” for their fall d-plan.

  • Floor plans can be viewed on the Residence Halls & Communities section of our website.
  • If a student misses his/her time-slot, they can still log-in and select. Once a time-slot has opened a student can  log in and select their room at any point once their time-slot begins until the portal closes on Monday, May 11th.
  • The Portal will be open 24 hours a day, however new time-slots open only during our set hours each evening.
  • The Housing Office will be open and fully staffed during Room Draw until at least 30 minutes after the last time-slot for that night. Students can call or come in person for assistance.
  • Students who register for Room Draw are not bound to participate. If you decide to live off-campus, you can just ignore your time slot – there is no cancellation fee.


Students who cannot log-in during their time slot can request the Housing Office select a room on his/her behalf (for singles, or doubles/triples if all roommates are unavailable).

To request another student log in and chose during your time slot, the proxy must come to the Housing Office at least 15 minutes before the time-slot begins with a copy of an e-mail from the student, with their Dartmouth ID number, stating this students has permission to choose on their behalf.  Housing Office Staff will work with the proxy to get logged-in on a computer in the Housing Office and select the room.

Last Updated: 3/9/15