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Room Draw 2016

House Communities

The application deadline for participating in your House Community Room Draw is Monday, May 2nd.  Everyone who wants to live in their house MUST register by the deadline.

For more information on the room types available in your House go to our Residential Communities page.  Only members of a House are allowed to select rooms in a House Community! 

Living Learning Communities (LLCs)

The application deadline for LLCs is Wednesday, April 6th.  Everyone who wants to live in an LLC must apply, previous acceptances do not guarantee a space in a program.

Information on these programs can be found on the Living Learning website!

Senior Apartments

The application deadline for living in a Senior Apartment is Monday, May 2nd.  Seniors looking to live with friends in their House or another House may all live together in our Senior Apartments!

Seniors have the option to select our on-campus Senior Apartments, on the west side of campus in Maxwell and Channing Cox, and the east side of campus in the Ledyard Apartments (19 E. Wheelock St.) and the North Park Apartments (10 and 16 North Park St.).  In addition, students in these apartments will be eligible for a NEW on-campus apartment-only dining plan, which will be the least expensive plan available for students living on campus!

Special On-Campus Apartment Dining Option: The new Special On-Campus Apartment meal plan is available only to the undergraduate students residing in on-campus apartments in Maxwell, Channing Cox, the Ledyard Apartments (19 E. Wheelock St.) and the North Park Apartments (10 and 16 North Park St.).  These apartments include full kitchens, living/dining rooms and private baths.  Special meal-plan eligibility will be confirmed and verified based on room assignment by the Undergraduate Housing Office.  The Special On-Campus plan for these locations offers 30 meals per term and $950 DBA, for a total cost per term of $1390 (a savings of $320 compared to the lowest on-campus meal plans available to all students).

Medical or Disability Related Needs Housing

The application deadline for medical or disability related needs housing process is Thursday, April 21st. 

Information on the process can be found on the Housing for Medical/Disability Related Needs page.  


Questions? Contact the Undergraduate Housing Office or give us a call at 603-646-3093 Monday through Friday, 8am to Noon and 1pm to 4:30pm. We will have extended evening hours during Room Draw.

Last Updated: 3/28/16