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Important Things to Know About Housing

Eligibility Update for Room Draw

All undergraduate students who are in good standing with the College and have an "R" for their D-Plan for the term in which they are seeking housing are eligible for on campus housing.  On campus housing includes residence halls, affinity programs and college or privately-owned GLOS facilities.

Students taking a fifth year to complete a Thayer BE degree are not eligible for on-campus housing in their fifth year.

Students seeking readmission for the Fall 2016 term may apply for fall housing, but are not eligible to participate in Room Draw or have a room held on their behalf through the proxy process at Room Draw. For the fall term, students seeking readmission who want on-campus housing must submit the Readmit Housing Application by June 13, 2016 waitlist deadline. Students seeking readmission who have medical and/or disability-related needs that should be considered for housing based on those needs should submit their readmit application and documentation by April 21, 2016.  All on time readmit and wait list applications will be processed in priority number order, with first year and sophomore status students guaranteed housing if readmitted. Students seeking readmission who want to petition to participate in Room Draw should contact Rachael Class-Giguere, Director of Undergraduate Housing prior to the process deadline in which they wish to participate.

The deadline for students to change their D-Plan for the fall term 2016 is May 2, 2016.  The Room Draw Registration deadline is May 2, 2016.

Housing Assignments for Consecutive Terms

Barring exceptions approved by the Undergraduate Housing Office, your housing assignment in a residence hall for the fall or winter term automatically carries over for the next term if your D-plan for the following term is an "R" at the time of that term's housing application deadline. Housing assignments do not automatically carry over from spring to summer or summer to fall or for those living in LLC or Greek housing.

Substance-Free Housing

If you are looking for a community where all residents agree that they and their guests will not use or possess alcohol, tobacco products, or illicit drugs in the building, substance-free housing may be for you!  Each House Community will have a substance-free housing option.  These locations have not yet been determined for the 2016-2017 academic year and will be confirmed based on interest in each House Community.

Gender Inclusive Housing Options

Gender Inclusive housing refers to rooms where the gender identity of the roommates is not taken into consideration when the room is selected through one of the Room Draw processes.  Rooms designated as gender inclusive do not have to be selected by multi-gender groups, but that option is available.  Each House Community has gender inclusive housing options, which are outlined on each House's page in the Residential Communities section.

Living Learning Communities

All Living Learning Communities (LLCs) in McLaughlin and LLC Houses have a commitment requirement.  Applying to one or more programs indicates that living in a LLC is your first choice housing.  Therefore any student accepted by April 29th must go through the LLC Room Draw process.  Students accepted into a LLC will not be eligible for other Room Draw processes.  LLC applications are due April 6th and LLC Room Draw is Wednesday, May 4th.  You may live in LLCs with members of different House Communities!

Roommates and D-Plans

When talking with your friends and determining with whom you want to live next year, we suggest that you talk about your D-plans. If you and your chosen roommate have different D-plans in the winter or spring, you may want to talk to other friends to arrange to pull someone into the vacancy. Another option is to choose a roommate who has the same D-plan pattern as you so that your room will be empty for new residents when you go on leave or an FSP. For more advice or suggestions on choosing a roommate, speak with your Assistant Director of Residential Education (AD), Undergraduate Advisor (UGA) or a member of the Undergraduate Housing Office staff.

Sophomore Guarantee

Members of the class of 2019 are guaranteed on-campus housing for their sophomore year provided they are enrolled in classes in Hanover (have a D-Plan of “R”) and participate in room draw/apply by the appropriate deadline. While all 19’s who participate in Room Draw may not receive an assignment at that event, those who submit a waitlist application by June 13, 2016 are still guaranteed housing for the fall term.  

Last Updated: 3/31/16