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Room Changes and Cancellations

Room Changes

Students may only choose one room and are expected to live in the room that they choose during Room Draw or one of the other fall housing processes. In order to promote fairness to participants, all decisions made during these dates are final. Once selected, room changes may not occur without first obtaining authorization from the Undergraduate Housing Office. Students are expected to live in the room they selected through the fall term. Unauthorized room changes/moves may result in the student being required to move back to his/her assigned room for the term, and a $100 fine may be imposed.


For all terms you may cancel your housing until 11:59:59 p.m., Eastern Standard Time, of the day before the residence halls open.  However, to cancel without a penalty, you must cancel or withdraw your application before the cancellation deadline for that particular term.  For fall term only, the cancellation fee amount is based on the date of cancellation (see chart below).  For winter, spring, and summer terms, any cancellation received after the stated deadline will result in a $500 cancellation fee.

The cancellation deadlines for the 2015-2016 year are:

Term Cancellation Deadline
Summer Term 2015     June 1, 2015
Fall Term 2015

Room Draw to July 22, 2015 = $250    

After July 22, 2015 = $500

Winter Term 2016 TBD
Spring Term 2016 TBD

A cancellation fee applies if:

  • Fall Term: you select a room at room draw or one of our other housing processes (GLOS, LLC, UGA) and then cancel that assignment ($250 fee if you cancel before July 22; $500 fee if you cancel after July 22 but before the residence halls open for fall term).
  • Winter/Spring/Summer Terms: you submit your cancellation after the relevant term's cancellation deadline(s).
  • you change your D-plan to an "L" after the relevant term's cancellation deadline.
  • you cancel your residence hall assignment to move into a privately-owned GLOS house after the cancellation deadlines(s).

This fee will be waived in the event that:

  • you are accepted into one of the College's sanctioned off-campus programs.
  • you transfer to another college or university permanently.
  • you are approved for a room change from one College-owned location to another.

To cancel a housing assignment, written notification, including the student's name and ID number, must be sent to the Housing Office either by letter or e-mail. Cancellation of a housing assignment after the cancellation deadline for any term will result in a cancellation fee.  A student who cancels his or her residence hall or affinity assignment after the cancellation deadline in order to move into a privately-owned GLOS facility will be charged the cancellation fee.  The cancellation fee will not be assessed if a student is approved for a room change from one College-owned location to another.

A housing assignment cannot be canceled after the residence halls open each term, unless the student is suspended, separated or withdraws from the College, in which case the College refund policy applies. In addition, a student may be granted approval to cancel a residence hall or LLC assignment after the halls open for a given term in order to move into a privately-owned GLOS facility.  In this instance, residence hall or LLC rent will be prorated and the $500 cancellation fee will apply.

An upperclass student who is enrolled for consecutive academic terms (excluding summer term) and who resides in College housing may cancel his or her assignment and move off-campus after completing at least one term in residence.  A $500 cancellation fee is charged if notice of cancellation is received after the cancellation deadline.

Changing one’s D-Plan after the cancellation deadline in such a way as to cause a cancellation of a housing assignment will result in the cancellation fee being charged.  As a result, students are encouraged to plan carefully so that this fee may be avoided.  Students who change their D-plan after the residence halls open will be charge either a pro-rated rent amount based on the College refund policy or $500, whichever is greater.

A student who cancels his or her housing due to being removed from a wait list to participate in an off-campus study program will not be charged a cancellation fee.

Withdrawal from Dartmouth College

Any student who withdraws from or is no longer enrolled at the College while bound by a housing contract must, within 48 hours of the effective date of such action:

  1. notify the Undergraduate Housing Office,
  2. remove all belongings from her or his assigned room and all storage facilities,
  3. return the room key to the Undergraduate Housing Office or the Department of Safety and Security.  

Any assignment will be canceled and financial reimbursement made in accordance with the College's refund schedule.  Students failing to vacate in accordance with this policy will be responsible for any and all appropriate charges to remove the abandoned property and may be subject to additional disciplinary action.

Students seeking readmittance following a withdrawal must apply for housing by the relevant term's deadline if they wish a room to be held for them pending a decision on their readmission request.  For fall 2015, students must submit their readmission application by June 8, 2015 and space for them will be held over the summer when wait list assignments are made.  The winter application deadline is TBD and the spring application deadline is TBD.  The Readmission Housing Application can be found at  Students returning from a withdrawal are not eligible for interim housing unless the Undergraduate Housing Office received approval from the student's dean. 

Last Updated: 3/9/15