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Exchange Student Housing Application

Completing the Online Housing Application

**You must have a Dartmouth NetID to use the application.  If you do not have this please contact to get a copy of the application emailed to you!**

All incoming students who need on campus housing must complete the online housing application form. To do so please:

  • Use your Web browser to go to the webpage
  • Provide your Username and Password/PIN to authenticate your identity.
  • Click on the Login to Secured Area button
  • Click on Undergraduate Prematriculation Menu
  • Click on the Housing Application—Incoming Exchange Students
  • Click on the Applications tab. Select the 201209—Fall 2012 option if you are a Spring start. (Please DO NOT fill out any other options at this time.)
  • Click continue and proceed through the application. You will see a confirmation screen once it is complete.

If you are having a difficult time opening the housing application on Housing StarPortal, please try clearing your cookies:

Internet Explorer Users: click on "Tools" then select "Internet Options." You should see a button either labeled "Delete Cookies" or directing you to a new window where you can do so. Click on the appropriate button to delete cookies and try the housing application again.

Mozilla Users: Click on "Tools" then select "Options" then "Privacy." In the box below, look for the "Cookies" label or "Show Cookies." Click on it, then click on "Remove All Cookies" before trying the housing application again.

If you are still unable to access the application, please contact the Undergraduate Housing Office before the application deadline at (603) 646-3093 to complete the application over the phone.

Assignment Process

After the application deadline, we will begin housing all Exchange students based on your application responses.

Notification of Assignment

Assignments will be sent in an email (to your accounts) letting students know their assignment and roommate(s).

Last Updated: 5/29/12