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Changing a Room Assignment

There are four different ways that a student can change rooms.


Upperclass students who wish to be pulled into the room of a friend who will have a vacancy for the winter or spring term should fill out the “Pull-In" section on the BannerStudent housing application.  In order for the Housing Office to consider this request, the friend pulling the applicant into the room must blitz Residential Life to confirm they want the applicant as a roommate.  Students cannot be pulled into single rooms, rooms where there is no vacancy, or completely empty rooms.

Room Swap

A Room Swap is a person for person room change that occurs during the first half of a term (the deadline is the housing application deadline for the following term).  For a room swap to be approved, all affected residents must blitz their consent to the change to the Housing Office.  Once all roommates are heard from, the change can be approved and all involved will receive a confirmation blitz. Please note that room swaps are not approved for those students who went through Room Draw and were able to choose their roommate(s) for the term. First-year students may only swap rooms with other first-year students and only with special permission from both their Community Director and the Undergraduate Housing Office.

Failure to record a Room Swap will result in a $100 fine to the student's account. The student may also be asked to move back to his or her original location and may face further College discipline.

Singles List

Students who wish to reside in a single room may place their name on the Singles List (if available) on the date determined by the Undergraduate Housing Office, generally during the second week of the term.  Information on the availability of a singles list each term is posted on the ORL Website under the "Spotlight" section.  The singles are assigned based on priority number and space availability. The Singles List is not available to first-year students or students who reside in Coed, Fraternity, Sorority, or Undergraduate Society houses, or in Academic Affinity or Special Interest program units.

Room Change Request

A room change can either happen during a term or between two terms.  During a term a list of students with vacancies in their rooms is made available to students seeking different housing situations.  The student seeking a change may either select a room from the list and be immediately assigned, or, if he/she prefers, the student can contact residents on the list to see if he/she is able to find a good roommate match.  Once the room change is processed, a confirmation blitz is sent.  First-year students must work with their Community Director before seeking a room change or room swap.  Failure to record a Room Change may result in a $100 fine to the student's account and/or other disciplinary action.

Room changes can also be requested for the following term.  To apply, the student goes to BannerStudent and fills out the appropriate term’s housing application by the relevant deadline, making sure to check on the application that this is a room change request.  Room change requests are reviewed, along with all regular applications, by priority number.  If the requested room on the room change application is not available, the current term’s assignment will carry over.  Students who apply for room changes between terms will be able to check if their room change is approved on-line at the same time all new assignments are posted.

Last Updated: 1/17/13