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Russell Sage Cluster

Tuck Mall Drive

Butterfield & Russell Sage

Butterfield/Russell Sage Floor Plans

These two popular halls sit on the north side of Tuck Mall, part of the 45-acre Hitchcock Estate donated to the College in 1912. Russell Sage was completed in 1923. Butterfield, the last of the pre-World War II residence halls, was constructed in 1940 through the generosity of philanthropist Ralph Butterfield, Class of 1839. In 1989 the two halls were architecturally linked by the "Hyphen," which includes a spacious lounge area and fully equipped kitchen.

The Hyphen, which connects Russell Sage with Butterfield, provides a kitchen, TV room, and common meeting space for cluster residents.

  • Butterfield - 55 beds
  • Russell Sage - 122 beds

Fahey & McLane

Fahey & McLane Floor Plans
All floor plans are PDF files and will open in a new window.

Fahey and McLane halls house 205 students in singles, suites, two-room doubles.  They sit to the west of Russell Sage and across from the Gold Coast. Fahey Hall, the east residence, follows the rhythm of the adjacent buildings, while McLane Hall, the west residence, angles slightly to the north, following Tuck Drive.

A southwest-facing glass connector between Fahey and McLane offer sweeping views of Tuck Mall and contain the primary social spaces serving the cluster: a commons room, living room, and lounges, as well as kitchens on each floor.

Fahey and McLane halls are mixed-class communities with upperclass students living primarily on McLane ground floor in the Gender Equity Program Floor and in the suites.  First-year students reside in two-room doubles and singles.  The fourth floor of McLane is substance-free for first-year students.

  • Fahey - 86 beds
  • McLane - 126 beds

Last Updated: 4/24/15