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The River Cluster

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French & Judge Floor Plans

French and Judge halls sit at the west end of Tuck Mall, above the Connecticut River. The halls were built in 1960 on the site of the former Wigwam Circle, temporary housing created for returning World War II veterans and their families.

French and Judge house first-year students in singles, and two- and three-room doubles. Each hall has a spacious lounge, kitchen, and study rooms. Judge Hall is substance-free.

  • French - 100 beds
  • Judge - 86 beds

Maxwell-Channing Cox


Maxwell-Channing Cox Floor Plans

Maxwell and Channing Cox are two apartment complexes that house upperclass students. Each apartment contains a living room, kitchen, bath, and four single bedrooms.

These buildings are a traditional favorite for members of the senior class. The apartments provide the residents with all of the convenience of living on campus, combined with all of the benefits of living in an apartment.  Apartment residents are required to be on a meal plan no smaller than the SmartChoice5 or BlockChoice45 plans.

  • Maxwell - 68 beds
  • Channing Cox - 67 beds


Last Updated: 4/24/15