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Greek Letter Organization and Undergraduate Society Housing

The Undergraduate Housing Office coordinates the housing assignments for the Greek Letter Organizations and Undergraduate Societies (GLOS) houses. Students can live in College-recognized GLOS houses beginning in the winter term of their sophomore year, and in undergraduate society houses beginning in the fall term of their sophomore year.

Students who are interested in living in a social organization house must complete a GLOS Contract Rider and submit it to the organization’s housing coordinator before the social organization housing deadline for the appropriate term. The housing coordinator will assign the spaces and provide our office with the contracts and room assignments. Room assignments may change depending on the housing policies of individual organizations.

If you wish to live in the residence halls in the event there is not room for you in your house for winter, spring or summer terms, you must complete the web-based housing application on BannerStudent by the appropriate deadline. Students with a GLOS contract on file for a given term are not eligible for housing through the regular housing process for that term.

Any student (leave term students included) living in a GLOS house (College-owned or Private) must participate in a College dining plan at a level no smaller than the "SmartChoice 5 or BlockChoice45" plans (or their equivalent).  Please note that any financial aid normally used for room and board expenses is not available to help cover leave term costs.  Students who receive financial aid are asked to meet with their Financial Aid Counselor to review their individual situation and options.

Last Updated: 7/31/13