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East Wheelock Cluster

Brace CommonsEast Wheelock

East Wheelock Cluster Floor Plans


Andres, Zimmerman, McCulloch and Morton Halls, and the Ledyard Apartments (19 E. Wheelock St.) comprise this popular cluster.

The East Wheelock cluster is the site of the Faculty in Residence Program and houses over 300 students. The community houses a mix of new and returning students by floor. The majority of the rooms are suite-style, with single or double rooms sharing a living area and a full bath. Brace Commons serves as the common area space for the entire cluster, and contains a full kitchen, a snack bar, a TV room, and a variety of small meeting rooms.  The Ledyard Apartments is a substance free building.  Apartment residents are required to be on a meal plan no smaller than the SmartChoice5 or BlockChoice45 plans.

  • Andres - 84 beds
  • McCulloch - 78 beds
  • Morton - 67 beds
  • Zimmerman - 86 beds
  • 19 E. Wheelock St. (Ledyard Apartments) - 23 beds

Last Updated: 4/28/15