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GLC First Year Events

The goal of this policy is to promote and increase first year safety during the crucial first month of fall term while mitigating the related risks that Greek organizations assume when hosting first year students during this time

  • Policy: August 30-October 14th, no first year may enter Greek chapters except during Greek Leadership Council (GLC)-approved substance-free events
  • Punishments: If caught violating this policy, the first year student will be suspended from  the rush process until after completion of the sophomore year
    • Repeat offenders may be subject to more serious punishments
    • An organization found responsible for allowing first years into their house will face a fine established by their governing sub-council

“GLC Approved Events”

  • A GLC approved event is a substance-free event that welcomes first year students and takes place within a public space


    • Watch football at fraternities on Sundays
    • BBQs on the lawns
    • Tournaments or pick up games
    • GLC sponsored parties and concerts


At Dartmouth, the Greek community is very open to all members of campus. However, we want to ensure that you can ease your way into college without the added stress of an
unfamiliar social scene. With this policy, you will be able to meet many members of the Greek community and learn about the parts of our Greek Organizations that extend beyond social
life. In addition, these first few weeks of your first year will give you the time to truly bond with your class.
Welcome Class of 2018 and enjoy your next four years!

Dartmouth Greek Social Responsibility and First Year Students

Apply for Funding for First Year Events

Evaluation Form for First Year Events

Last Updated: 7/16/14